Miami Essentials

Miami Essentials

With Miami fever gripping the dance music community, producers turn their focus towards scoring the hottest track of the Winter Music Conference. S2S have teamed up with Toby Emerson, producer of the best-selling Essential FX, to create the de-facto sample toolkit, guaranteed to inspire and invigorate any Miami anthem.
Based around a series of uniquely crafted analogue one-shot hits (23 chords, 35 pads & textures, 11 bass sustains, 160 synth and tonal hits, 50 kicks, 50 snares & claps, 30 hats, 15 fx/impacts and 150 perc hits), the collection allows you to build on your rhythmic foundation by providing the tools for instant inspiration.
These are joined by a folder of 60 kick-free tops and percussion loops at 128bpm to provide all the building blocks for your dancefloor smash.
Expertly produced using vintage analogue and FM synthesis, the hits and textures are punchy and perfectly EQd to sit well in any mix in any genre. As easily at home as atmospherics, the sounds can quickly and easily be programmed to construct unique rhythm tracks or synth hooks.
All tonal sounds are pitch labeled for your ease.


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Monster Kicks Volume 1

Monster Kicks Volume 1

A monstrous library of 128 premium kicks suitable for all kinds of electronic music, these drum samples have been sculpted from the ground up and have been crafted with expert precision using refined synthesis and sampling techniques. The bassdrums in this library have been designed to rattle club speakers and punch through the toughest mixes!  Special care has been taken to ensure that the samples in this pack both sit in a track right away but also and have room for additional processing and compression.  A wide range of high end analog gear and hardware has been used in the production of this pack ensuring these kicks have analog warmth and presence. Selecting the right kick drum is essential in club and electronic music production and Monster Kicks is one secret weapon you do not want to be without!

Format:   128 24-bit 44.1K WAV files


License:  Royalty free license

Note: Only the kick drums in the sound demos are included in the pack.


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Orgasmic Glitch Hop by Tantric Decks

Orgasmic Glitch Hop by Tantric Decks

A must have for any Glitch Hop enthusiast.  This pack is produced by top 10 beatport artist Tantric Decks and contains over 800 wav samples, massive presets, kontakt patches, and loops.  Skillfully mixed and mastered these glitch hop samples pack quite a punch and are designed to help you get that polished sound with ease.  To quote one of the riser fx sounds from the pack:   Fasten your seat belts,  Shits about to get real.

Size: 545 MB  Format: 24 bit WAV, Massive presets, Kontakt Patches, Reason Patches.


Here is what's in the pack:

Bass Hits - Over 300 sub shattering bass multisamples with 23 Kontakt patches.  Cutting saw basses, distorted neuro filth, and huge res sweeps.

Build Ups - 22 earth shaking builds and tension risers.  Perfect for that epic build up your track is begging for.

Drums -66 finely sculpted one shots to mix and match to create the perfect kit.  Broken down into hihats, kicks, snares, and glitch percussion

Fills - 15 tempo synced fills borrowing both the acoustic and electric realm.  Excellent for transitions and introducing new elements into the song.

Drumloops - 22 huge sounding beats, shaker loops, and funky tops are great way to start a track.  Slice and dice for extra flexibility.

FX - Reverbed breaths, chunky robot fx, and mechanical mayhem great for adding ear candy into the mix.

Massive Presets - 20 presets for NI Massive.  Talking basses, futuristic electro leads, reeces, and fat hoovers - all macro mapped for extra tweaking.

Music Loops - 18 full melodic and bass loops all tempo & key labelled.  Funky saw loops,  dirty robot chunks, and filtered synth leads.  Excellent song starters and great tools for chopping up.

Reason Patches - 15 bonus patches for reason users.

Synth stabs - 249 multisamples with 18 Kontakt patches.  Funky synth stabs, synced saws, and portamento dives are just a few of the sounds you will find here.

Vox - 11 vocal samples to add some character to your songs.

About the producer

Tantric Decks has been ravishing dance floors for nine years. His energy, passion, and driving, uplifting, party rocking basslines have been lighting people up all over Western Canada. He has performed at countless club nights, residencies, parties and music festivals. He has released over 25 original tracks and remixes on record labels from Canada, USA, Sweden, Romania, and UK. His tracks have received praise and support from superstars such as Far Too Loud, Lazy Rich, Reid Speed, Bassnectar, Subvert, Knight Riderz, Samples, Soulfix/Dirty Politics, Jay Cunning, and Yuhei Kubo.


Quotes from artists enjoying this pack:

"Orgasmic Glitch Hop is a genuinely unique sample pack from one of the most original glitch hop artists of the minute. For anyone who's looking to add an electro influenced, full power edge to their glitch hop tunes - look no further. Sick sample pack! Gonna rinse that sucka!" - Crazy Daylight ('Simplify Records/Adapted Records)

"An incredibly useful pack with great presets and bangin' drums to boot. This will definitely get some use!" - J-Roc (Sould Out Djs) / Ghetto Funk

"Great samples, Especially for the Glitch or Hip Hop Producers. The best thing about it is that there is a massive amount of variety , I have been using them in my tracks and find the pack very usefull. 10/10 - Dubsective (Adapted Records)

We accept paypal and credit cards. If you are paying with a credit card use the "don't have a paypal account" option on the checkout page.


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Over a year and a half in the making, Black Octopus Sound releases what can only be described as an epic sample pack of monstrous proportions. Aimed at producers of all genres and skill sets, this pack features a colossal 5000+ cutting edge sounds weighing in at over 4GB in size. Leviathan is truly a complete sample pack suitable for all genres of music. With its abundance of one shot samples, construction kit style loops at various tempos, extensive FX section, and both mutli-sampled and single shot synth sounds, this pack has everything you need to create a great sounding track. Decades of production techniques have been used in the creation of these sounds to ensure each sound will sound great out of the box or with your own processing added. This is an essential sample pack in any producers arsenal and will no doubt be heard in many top tracks for years to come.

What’s in the pack?

267 Kick drums. All tuned to key, full of punch and thump
285 Snares, claps, and pre-shifted claps.
386 Hihats, Cymbal rides and crashes.
363 Percussive sounds. Electronic sub hits, live recorded hand drums, tambourines, & shakers
58 Tom drums ready to fatten up your fills.
42 Long atmospheric FX ranging from eerie ambient noises, vinyl dust & crackle, euphoric textures. Perfect for filling up empty spaces or sidechaining.
227 Rising & Falling FX perfect to power up and smooth over your transitions. All labelled in 1,2, 4, 8, and 16 bar increments.
76 Impacts & bombs. Huge explosions, short impacts, glass shatters & shrapnel bombs.
136 Short FX. Robotic chatter, organic movements, and bleeps & blips.
121 Glitch FX – Alien parasites & robotic transformers.
388 Drum loops - 110, 128 & 140 bpm. Full loops, top loops, and many variations.
127 Drum fills - 110, 128 & 140 bpm.
334 Music Loops - 110, 128 & 140 bpm.
664 Bass samples. Long sustained notes and short tweaked stabs. Vocoder growls, spineshivering electro stabs, & resampled neuro basses
207 Chord stabs. Huge dance chords to melodic deep stabs.
80 Multisampled instruments - in Kontakt, SFZ & Directwave formats. Lots of bass instruments and synth patches.
292 Synth stabs. Long sustained notes and filter tweaked short stabs.
1 Producer Tip sheet.
Leviathan Wallpaper graphic

We accept paypal and credit cards (use the "don't have a paypal account option on the check out page")

You should receive your download link immediately after purchase.  If you have not received it please e-mail support@blackoctopus-sound.com


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Cyborg Onslaught by Paradigm Theorem

Cyborg Onslaught by Paradigm Theorem

by Paradigm Theorem
Complete Bass Music Destruction Kit

Paradigm Theorem brings you the absolute finest in cutting edge sound design to rip through the crowd with a MASSIVE collection of over 1500 of the most bone crushing drums, psychedelic leads, robotic SFX, cyborg vocals and flesh tearing future bass todays speaker technology can handle.  Cyborg Onslaught is the most complete package a Bass Music producer could ever ask for with all loops tempo synced to every BPM a bass music producer needs so you can drag and drop effortlessly into any of your creations.  These, complimented with every individual sample and one shot allow your own creativity to guide you. From Dubstep to Neuro-Hop and everything in between, this pack gives you everything you need to crush the dance floor.  Don't settle for "that bass sound"; take your creations to the future.
Size 2.31 GB Unzipped
Format 24 bit WAV

Cyborg Onslaught includes:
540 Hard hitting drum samples
- Tight, Big and Hard Kicks
- Teeth Chipping Snares
- Crunchy, Layered and Single Claps
- Glitched out Bells, Minis, Wood, Stick and zaps
- Full range of Hi-Hats
- Variety of Random Percussion Sounds
147 Drum Loops
- Full Beats
- Kick/Snare
- Tops
Full Range of FX to flesh out your mix
- 40 Cyber Crashes
- 30 Impacts
- 13 Transitions
- 165 Tempo-Synced Risers
- 71 Breakdowns
- 29 Lasers
A Host of Huge Synthesizer creations
- 136 Sustained Multi-Bass Shredders
- 38 Long streams of tempo-synced evolving Robotic chatter
- 30 Long atmospheric FX ranging from drones to robotic soundscapes
- 29 Melody Loops
- 46 Multi-Bass Loops
240 Epic Robot Vocals
- 60 Male Cyborg
- 60 Female Cyborg
- 60 Artificial Intelligence
- 60 Hive Mind


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