Shark Attack – Dubstep Bundle – 2 For $25

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Lucidity - Dubstep Annihilation (Demo Track)

Shark Attack - Dubstep Bundle - 2 For $25

Pack Contents

Lucidity - Dubstep Bass Nukes:
  • 1002 Total Sounds
  • 175 Bass One Shots
  • 59 Bass Loops
  • 48 Claps
  • 20 Cymbals
  • 71 High Hats
  • 53 Kicks
  • 52 Percs
  • 65 Snares
  • 20 Bonus Snare Tails
  • 53 Drum Loops
  • 20 FX Drones
  • 59 FX Glitches
  • 24 FX Hall Claps
  • 43 FX Impacts
  • 30 FX One Shots
  • 39 FX Risers
  • 48 FX Textures
  • 65 Serum Presets
  • 58 Vocal One Shots
Alien Transmissions - Festival Space Bass:
  • 25 Kicks
  • 30 Snares
  • 20 Hihats
  • 15 Percussion One Shots
  • 5 Extras
  • 15 FX
  • 69 Xfer Serum Presets
    • 3 808s
    • 57 Basses
    • 3 FX
    • 6 Leads


Shark Attack – Dubstep Bundle – 2 For $25 (Save $37.90)


Lucidity – Dubstep Bass Nukes (Reg $32.95):

Dubstep means HEAVY and HEAVY means SLAMMIN’ BASS NUKES! Welcome to Lucidity’s Dubstep Bass Nukes. A pack filled to the tip top with highest quality Dubstep Samples, Loops and Serum Presets!

Inside this library are growling bass loops and one shots, dynamite drums loops and one shots, sizzling FX and Drones, textures fit for the apocalypse and Vocal One Shots giving you everything you need to drag and drop into your favorite DAW of choice. If you want that chart topping Dubstep sound, this is the pack for you!

Lucidity didn’t stop there. He went even further giving you full creative control with the custom made Serum Presets. Everything from Bass, to FX, Leads, Pads and Plucks; Dubstep Bass Nukes has it all! Destroy those speakers with annihilating Dubstep sounds made by the man himself; Lucidity!

So what are you waiting for? Push the button and let the destruction begin! Dubstep Bass Nukes has arrived!


Alien Transmissions – Festival Space Bass (Reg $29.95):

Welcome to the mothership of presets, drums, and one shots! Blasting to earth from deep in space, Alien Transmissions – Festival Space Bass has arrived!

This stunning library of Presets and samples gives you everything you need to make those massive Festival sound, whether it’s Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Riddim or any other Bass fueled music style that blows up the stages worldwide! Molded with sounds that are perfectly suited to work along with one-another, this pack will get you started from ground zero in the best way possible.

So what are you waiting for? Time to take flight with Alien Transmissions – Festival Space Bass


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