Ultimate Atmosphere Bundle by Dawdio

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Ultimate Atmosphere Bundle by Dawdio


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Pack Contents

  • 1 VST/AU Plugin
    • Emulated Electric Guitar Sample-based Engine
    • Multiple Velocity Layers and Round-robins
    • ADSR Volume Envelope Control
    • 5 Unique Convolution Reverbs
    • Specially Designed Pre & Post Distortion
    • Custom Guitar & Bass Cabinet Emulations
    • Shimmer Creating Harmonic Layer
    • Custom Designed Synth & Noise Layers
    • Multiple Tone Adjustments
    • Lifetime Free Updates
    • Works with most major music software
  • 227 Total Samples
  • 10 Full Harmony Kits
    • 45 Atmosphere Harmony Layers
    • 48 Full Stack Variations
    • 55 Original Vocal & Piano Samples
    • 10 Piano Atmospheres
  • 16 Modulated Atmospheres
  • 18 Single Note Evolving Atmospheres
  • 20 Long Evolving Atmospheres
  • 15 Bonus Samples & Midi Files


Dawdio are excited to deliver their biggest bundle to date!

1 VST /AU Plugin and 2 Sample Packs for only $33! Down 71% from $114.90

G-T4R is fundamentally a sample-based engine using a fully synthesized electric guitar-like sound. Although the source sound imitates an electric guitar, the inspiration behind the plugin is to use the distinct tones of a guitar to make guitar-like cinematic drones, ambient pads, unique effects, and much more. Combine this with the breathtaking atmospheres, dazzling female vocal harmonies and accompanying piano chords inside the 2 beautifully crafted atmospheric vocal packs, and you’ll have an arsenal of tools for all of your atmospheric and ambient needs!


This Bundle Includes:

G-T4R Virtual Instrument by Dawdio – $49.00

Savanna Kate Vocal Atmospheres – $32.95

Aerial Vocal Atmospheres – $32.95

** Please note that G-T4R operates as a virtual instrument and you can not add additional samples.
**This pack is not eligible for additional discounts due to discount already being applied.


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