Dome of Doom – Ultimate Serum Synths

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100 Rare Serum Presets made from processed found-sound recordings collected over 10 years of travels by sound designer/producer AHEE. These Serum presets are ready for you to use immediately and are compatible with all standard DAW’s.

IMPORTANT: You MUST have the most current updated version of Serum to use these packs.

Whats inside:

  • 92 Serum Presets
  • 90 Oneshots
  • 102 Synth Loops

All edited and organized for quick and easy use.

The sounds you will hear are all made from processed recordings of:

Drilling a wooden dowel into a block of styrofoam

Dragging metal chairs on linoleum floors at Cal Arts

Crunching snow on Mountains in Chile

Unplugging an electric Saws

Vintage electronics glitching and powering down

Foley recordings of crowds around the world

Laughter and public conversations

Breaking Ceramic pots on concrete

Chewing oatmeal

All turned into the craziest ORIGINAL and very RARE Bass and Synth sounds.


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