Faded – Trap & Hip-Hop

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Origin Sound - Faded - Demo

Faded - Trap & Hip-Hop


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Pack Contents

  • 80 Drum hits
  • 40 Drum loops
  • 20 Bass loops
  • 40 Chord loops
  • 40 Melodic loops
  • 20 Song Starters
  • 20 808 hits
  • 25 SFX


Origin Sound proudly presents ‘Faded’. One of our smoothest and most haunting Trap & Hip Hop packs to date. Oozing with a seamless noir ambience, ‘Faded’ provides you with all the tools to create your next moody beat.

The foundation to any Trap & Hip Hop beat is of course the drums. ‘Faded’ provides a comprehensive selection of perfectly mixed loops. Scan through the drum loops folder to find a solid range of full beats and percussion. If pre-made grooves are not your style, head over to the individual drum hits folder to build your own from scratch. With over 80+ drum hits to choose from, this selection will set the tone for your instrumental.

To accompany your drum beat, ‘Faded’ has a vast array of musical elements, whether it be thumping pitched sub bass lines, haunting chord progressions, or ethereal melodies. Not to mention the ready-to-go song starters, which are layered loops of various elements, mixed and ready to be chucked into a DAW or sampler, chop and warp to add your own sonic imprint, for a quick and enjoyable creative process.

Last but not least, the SFX included in this collection will simply help with adding final detail in your productions. From unique risers, to strange impacts, the SFX will add that final touch of professionalism whilst finalising your creations.

‘Faded’ is an essential library for those looking to darken the overall sonic aesthetic in their productions.

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