Midnight Smoke

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Midnight Smoke (main demo)

Midnight Smoke

Pack Contents

  • 116 Drum hits
  • 17 Drum loops
  • 17 Perc loops
  • 20 Extra perc loops
  • 9 Drum fills
  • 37 Bass loops
  • 37 Chord loops
  • 63 Melodic loops
  • 33 Song starter loops
  • 15 808’s
  • 41 Multi-sampled Instruments
  • 27 SFX


Origin Sound proudly present Midnight Smoke, a Hip Hop and Trap library crammed full of hazy samples, elevating your beats to a new level.

The foundation of all Hip Hop songs is a knocking drum beat. Midnight Smoke provides a hefty selection of perfectly cooked rhythms. Dig through the drum loops folder to find a solid mix of full beats, percussion, and fills. If pre-made grooves are not your style, head over to the drum hits folder to build your own from scratch. With over 100+ drum hits to choose from, this extensive selection will enable you to roll up smoky hip-hop and trap beats.

Flick further through Midnight Smoke to discover a plethora of musical loops and one shots, spanning from playful bird chirps and soft echoing marimbas, to hard bells and classic trap strings, and much more. Apart from bass, chord, and melodic loops, we’ve also included full compositions and stacks. If you are searching for inspiration, these multi-instrument loops are the cure. Not to mention the 100+ musical one shots that are dying to be thrown into your sampler of choice.

No beat is complete without SFX to spice up the mix. Included in the pack are risers, impacts, downlifts, transitions, and other sound design goodies.

Midnight Smoke is a sample gold mine that builds on our large portfolio of hip-hop sample packs, brining to the table fresh new meticulously crafted content. A worthy investment for any beat-smith trying to up their game.


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