Production Master Audio MX8

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Production Master Audio MX8

The Production Master Audio MX8 is the result of years of engineering; a magnetically-shielded, nearfield, 2-way studio reference monitor with a super-wide sweet-spot. The MX8 is built for creating and mixing electronic music in professional and home studios, big or small. Designed for demanding music and music-producers who want a super-accurate monitor they can trust and rely on.

Thanks to its high-quality components, The Production Master Audio MX8 is a true testimony to accuracy and clarity, a celebration of precision. It is truly a one of a kind studio monitor that is built with the toughest music styles in mind: relentless Trap and Hiphop, pounding Raw- and Hardstyle, raging Drum & Bass, screeching Riddim & Dubstep, saw-driven EDM and more. Throw whatever style you want at the MX8, it will provide you the clarity you need to produce a jaw-dropping mix.

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True frequency response from 38 Hz – 22 kHz with a wide sweet-spot

The MX8 has a true frequency response of 38 Hz – 22 kHz and truly prides itself on its ultra-flat response rate. No matter if you create intricate electronic music with a lot of detailed sounds or if you create banging dancefloor EDM, the MX8 is there to give you the most accurate representation possible and showcases every detail of your mix with great precision. With its wide sweet-spot you can hear every detail, no matter where you are standing.

Extended range ribbon-tweeter

With its one of a kind, innovatory 60 Watt extended range ribbon tweeter and hand programmed crossover (2.2 kHz), the Production Master Audio MX8 is engineered for accuracy the likes of which you’ve never heard! The 60 Watt extended range ribbon-tweeter dinstinctively shows your highs with razor-sharp accuracy. Expect a super-precise higher midrange for those difficult vocal frequencies and crisp, perfect highs for the bright tops that EDM producers crave.

Kevlar woofer and frontal bass port

The MX8 is a monitor that goes so low that it does not need to be paired with a sub to show the full frequency-range. The bass and mids are provided by an 8-inch curved cone Kevlar woofer with high temperature voice-coil. The MX8 brings forth deep and tight bass and showcases roaring mid-range. It is made to expose the most difficult frequencies in high detail, ideal for bass-heavy music such as Dubstep, Hardstyle, D&B, House and more. The frontal bass port finishes the spectrum and blends phat sub seamlessly into the mix.

Fully room adjustable

The MX8 is adjustable to ANY acoustic space. Whether you work in a home studio, professional studio or just any small room, the MX8 will provide an accurate representation every time.

All connectors you need

The back panel houses XLR and TRS connectors, all integrated in a high-accoustic-efficient MDF case with slick ultra-modern design.

Get a perfect mix every single time!

Stop guessing your mixdown! The Production Master Audio MX8 will help you create, mix and master monster tracks with lethal precision every single time! If you want faultless, clear-cut mixdowns and raise your production to the next level, the MX8 is the high-resolution studio reference monitor you have been looking for!

Used by top producers worldwide

  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith (Technique Rec.)
  • Venemy (NCS / Monstercat)
  • Modified Motion (Dynamic Audio)
  • Sam Laxton (Enhanced / AVA / Black Hole)
  • Many more!

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About Production Master

Production Master Audio is the Pro Audio Branch of Production Master, a top 10 sample pack brand, that many dance music producers rely on for their popular electronic music sound-libraries and sample banks. World renowned for their vast catalog and led by an award winning producer, Production Master is no stranger to sound-design.

“Making sample packs can only help producers in one aspect of ensuring quality; the actual sounds. With these state-of-the-art monitors in our arsenal, we would like to give dance music producers worldwide the missing link; a truly highly-accurate, affordable studio monitor by a company that does the same, day-in, day-out, just as they do. A company that understands them and their needs better than anybody else. After a full 2 years of intense work with a team of experienced accoustic engineers and the help of an experienced factory, we were able to do just that.”

– Vince Peersman, CEO Production Master


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