Shark Attack – Percussion Bundle – 3 For $20

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Just Organic Shakers (Demo Track)

Shark Attack - Percussion Bundle - 3 For $20

Pack Contents

Just Organic Shakers:
  • 82 Shaker Loops
  • 95 Shaker One Shots 
Mystical Indian Percussion:
  • 677 Ensemble percussion loops
  • 519 Single perccusion loops
  • 92 Dholak one shots
  • 71 Tabla one shots
  • 1359 samples total
  • Size: 2.62GB
World Percussion Ensemble:
  • 67 Conga Licks
  • 167 Conga Loops
  • 46 Cowbells
  • 22 Demo and Music Loops (Combo Loops)
  • 11 Full Kits
  • 36 Kit Stems
  • 57 One Shots
  • 146 Timpalas Samples


Shark Attack – Percussion Bundle – 3 For $20 (Save $72.85)


Just Organic Shakers (Reg $17.95):

Sometimes less is more and this is exactly the case with this brand new pack from Bound to Divide. Just Organic Shakers is exactly that; shakers!  And a lot of them! 

We know that good quality shaker loops and one shots are actually very hard to come by. So Bound to Divide decided to bring a pack with utmost focus, and give you shakers galore that will help any and all styles of production! There are loops ranging from 100 up to 150 BPM for many different styles and genres to work from. Also inside are shaker one shots so you can sample as you like for any other styles that may not fit the tempo mold. 

Inspired by the soft, warm character of real, recorded shakers that you just can’t achieve through synthesis alone. An assortment of shakers ranging in different characters – from soft and fluffy, to loud and grainy. 

So if you are in search of some GREAT shakers that will add that extra sparkle and groove to your next production, we got you covered!


Mystical Indian Percussion (Reg $39.95):

The bustling streets, the smell of fragrant Chai, radiant colors everywhere, and the uncanny character of the Tabla drum. Bring the essence of India into your studio with this high level Indian percussion pack recorded and produced by the prolific, legendary Indian percussionist K.V. Balakrishnan. This masterpiece of a sound library contains expertly crafted and beautifully mastered drum hits for any variety of production. EDM, Bollywood, Cinematic, Downtempo, Psychedelic, Dubstep, Trap, and Drum & Bass; these samples will give your tracks an innovative twist!

Your production will stand out with this stunning array of tabla, dholak, mridangam, cabasa, dukki tarang, ghata singari, kanjira, moongos, various shakers, salangai, tambourine, and finger cymbals. With really high attention to detail, this percussion master has delivered an exceptional quality sample pack that will keep up with quality standards and stay relevant for years and years to come.

The nearly 1200 loops provided have been broken down into both ensemble loops, and single loops so you can piece together your perfect percussion grooves. Loops have been provided in 120, 125, 130, 135, & 140 bpm and have been conveniently labelled with instrument type, tempo, & key for ease of use. A variety of Dholak & Tabla one shots have also been provided to sequence brand new beats from scratch.

Please note this pack contains only Indian percussion.  The demo song uses samples from Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond, Vocal Atmospheres by Cory Friesenhan, & Heart Anthems


World Percussion Ensemble (Reg $34.95):

Nik Tourbis is a known Afro-Beat Percussionist and teaches students from all around the world the art and techniques of Latin and Tribal Brazilian Percussion styles.  He is back on his recording duties with producer Basement Freaks to deliver a pack that is truly one of a kind and for any enthusiasts of Tribal, Afrikan, Brazilian, Latin style, and even a hint of middle eastern percussion loops and samples.

World Percussion Ensemble will bring that live played groove to anything you are working on.  Cowbells?  Got you covered.  Congas?  Oh you bet!  Its endless!  Timpalas with and without effects gives you variations you’ve never thought was imaginable from a percussion pack.  Each ‘lick’ and ‘loop’ is processed differently to give you image and depth in your workflow.

This MONSTER pack of percussion elements can be used for any styles, whether you are making your next big festival EDM hit, or scoring a film that cries out for a salsa steppin’ touch.  Inside you will also find Demo and Music loops that have brass music (great for Trap!) and other unique sounds as combo loops.  Full kits to get inspired; just slam one of these bad boys into your DAW of choice and quickly have a song structure ready to push you to your limits!  Grab World Percussion Ensemble today and make the next hit!



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