Singularity – Hard Hybrid Trap

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Singularity - Hard Hybrid Trap

Singularity - Hard Hybrid Trap

Pack Contents

  • 120 Snappy drum hits
  • 20 Thundering drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
  • 20 Extra percussion loops
  • 20 Punchy bass Loops (including Midi files)
  • 20 Haunting chord Loops (including Midi files)
  • 20 Aggressive melody Loops (including Midi files)
  • 35 Unique SFX & Vox hits
  • 40 Versatile musical one shots


Origin Sound is proud to present Singularity, arguably our most forward thinking hybrid pack to date, a library armed to the hilt with uniquely crafted sonics.

Providing the foundation of Singularity is the extensive selection of drum hits and loops on offer. Consisting of cracking snares and punchy kicks with meticulously precise transients, primed and ready to effectively cut through your mix down. As well as numerous various tops, which will help assist the groove of your kick and snare pattern. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick beat to throw into your project to get your ideas flowing, there are plenty of thunderous drum loops to choose from, providing a quick source of inspiration.

To accompany your beat, Singularity offers a vast range of unforgettable musical elements, from punchy industrial acidy bass lines, dissonant chords, through to haunting melodies, all of which are ready to be thrown into your arrangement, whether you’re looking to chop up and resample the loops, or utilise the selection of one shot musical hits in a sampler, Singularity provides high quality samples throughout.

To add the final level detail to your productions, you can find a plethora of versatile SFX and vocal hits, providing your productions with a more polished characteristic.

Singularity is an essential library for any Hybrid Trap / Dubstep producers looking to expand their sonic palette with fresh and exciting audio.


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