Trap Love

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Trap Love (Main Demo)

Trap Love

Pack Contents

  • 120 Drum hits
  • 40 Drum loops
  • 20 Bass loops (With MIDI)
  • 20 Chord loops (With MIDI)
  • 20 Melodic loops (With MIDI)
  • 20 Songstarters
  • 40 Musical one shots
  • 30 SFX


Origin Sound proudly presents Trap Love, packed with over 500MB of pristine samples. The pack contains a divine mixture of minimalist sounds and in your face drums, giving you the perfect set of tools to make a sonic landscape ready to be paired with trap vocals.

At the forefront of every contemporary trap song are crisp drums that cut right through the mix. Trap Love contains all the thudding kicks, hard snares, and ticking hats needed to create a groove that will carry your song forward. The pack comes equipped with a plethora of 90 individual mix-ready drum hits, perfect for dragging into your sampler or drum machine and having a jam. If you are in search of a quick fix or a bit of inspiration, then explore the folder of 20 pre made drum beats, fully mixed and itching to be dragged into a project. All 20 drum loops also come with stemmed out versions to allow for maximum control, and the ability to mix and match elements to concoct something innovative.

Trap Love also contains a huge music loops folder, overflowing with 80 luscious samples. Teeming with thick 808 basses, icy emotive chords, hooking plucky melodics, inspiration sparking song-starters, and a whole bunch of other tasty trap samples. Each music loop comes with a MIDI file to match, allowing for ultimate customisability, or to help you if you are struggling with understanding the harmonics. Trap Love also houses a big folder of music one shots, with all the synth and bass sounds you need to craft your own melodies from scratch.

Need some vocal shots and adlibs or effects to take your track to the next level? Take a dig through the SFX folder to find a buffet of juicy extras that will help add a bit of spice to your track.

Trap Love is an essential collection of samples for any producer in need of some trap inspiration. Our in-house producers have meticulously crafted and chosen only the best sounds for the pack. Let the samples ignite your creative fire and aide you on the journey of creating something spectacular.


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