Vintage Mixtape – Soulful Hip Hop Expansion

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Vintage Mixtape - Soulful Hip Hop Expansion (Main Demo)

Vintage Mixtape - Soulful Hip Hop Expansion

Pack Contents

  • 61 Drum hits
  • 10 Drum loops (with stem bounces)
  • 10 Extra percussion loops
  • 10 Bass loops (with MIDI files)
  • 14 Chord loops (with MIDI files)
  • 18 Melody loops (with MIDI files)
  • 10 Song-starter loops (with aged & chopped variations)
  • 20 Musical one shots
  • 20 SFX


Following the top trending sample pack Vintage Mixtape, Origin Sound presents the Vintage Mixtape Expansion Pack. Building off the original pack, the expansion adds another 600+mb of lush samples dripping with hip-hop vibes.

Digging into the pack is like taking a trip to the record store, each folder like a different crate of vinyl. The ‘song starters’ folders comes loaded with multi-track ideas and is a solid place to begin your sample hunt. These starter loops come ready with the option to choose a dry loop, aged loop, or chopped loop. The rest of the pack is filled with melting electric keys chord progressions, rich guitar loops, and drums that slice through a mix. A highlight is the chords folder that showcases expertly crafted harmonic progressions with impeccable voicing.

Flicking through the drum hits you will find knocking kicks, choppy snares, crisp percussion and tops that bite. Each shot is sculpted flawlessly, with textbook transients and professional processing.

The effects folder houses some hidden gems as well. Ranging from a variety of lo-fi foley and vinyl scratches to textures that help glue your whole song together, use this folder to give your track a unique sonic character.

This pack is a must have for any producer looking to bring some soul into their beats.


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