Vintage Soul – Classic Hip Hop Records

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Origin Sound - Vintage Soul Demo Track

Vintage Soul - Classic Hip Hop Records


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Pack Contents

  • 120 Dusty drum hits
  • 31 Crackling drum loops (with stem bounce)
  • 21 Bonus percussion loops
  • 22 Vintage bass loops (+MIDI)
  • 23 Smooth chord loops (+MIDI)
  • 20 Thick stack loops (with aged / chopped versions)
  • 46 Authentic melody loops (+MIDI)
  • 100 Adaptable musical one shots
  • 22 Varied SFX


Origin Sound is proud to present Vintage Soul, another great edition to our constantly evolving and growing catalogue of libraries that are centred around a vintage aesthetic. You can expect to find a beautiful selection of dusty drum hits, vintage bass loops, smooth chord progressions, and much more.

Continuing on from their popularity in our Crate Digging and Dusty Beats libraries, Vintage Soul provides another wealth of stacks samples just waiting to be chucked into a sampler, to be further twisted and spliced into your own unique phrases, much like you would when sampling records. Vintage Soul additionally provides a plethora of 91 music loops ranging from warm basses, smooth chord progressions, and authentic melody loops.

Vintage Soul is filled to the brim with no less than 120 dusty individual drum hits, boasting a wide range of timbres whilst fitting within the sonic aesthetic of the genre. Additionally, for those who are after some quick inspiration when putting together their track, there is a vast selection of 31 crackling drum loops with a variety of creative rhythms between 85 and 125 bpm provided, along with stem bounces that allow easy interchangeability between the grooves on offer.

We couldn’t possibly offer up a library called Vintage Soul without a selection of detailed and varied SFX, from old scratchy movie dialogue, analogue noise layers, pick up delays, and much more to help take your productions to the next level.

Vintage Soul is one of our largest packs to date, providing a vast array of cutting edge tools that are a must have for any producers sample collection, whether that be loading up the stacks into a sampler and jamming a quick beat, or combing through the numerous individual hits to meticulously craft your track, there is something here for you.


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