Basement Freaks Interview - Production Tips

Basement Freaks Interview

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If you are into modern funk music then chances are you have come accross the name Basement Freaks.  A legend of the genre, Giorgos Fotiadis has been travelling the world playing some of the worlds hugest festivals and dropping some of the worlds funkiest jams.  The Basement freaks style can be desribed as classic soul and funk meets modern day booty shaking beats with an abundance of live instrumentation such as guitar, brass, and vocal stabs.  In his 10+ years in the scene Giorgos has been signed to Jalapeno records, played on BBC Radio 1, and played such world iconic festivals as Glastonbury and Shambhala.

Giorgos has teamed up with Black Octopus sound to create some seriously funky sample packs. Funk Legends features over 800mb of live recorded funk loops including guitar, flute, talkbox, vocals, brass, and percussion.  Grab some free samples HERE!   His follow up Funk Master Tools has received praise from some of the top names in the game such as the Funk Hunters, Stickybuds, Renegades of Jazz, Ursula1000, and more.  You can pick up both of these packs as part of the Ultimate Funk Bundle for a discounted rate.  Stay tuned for many more great packs produced by Basement Freaks.

Below is a Basement Freaks interview where Giorgos shares some of his production tips and favorite studio tools.

5 Production tips with Basement Freaks

01.  Feel free to always try new things, its not a waste of time, its actually progression.

02.  Rest your ears and refresh your memory frequently while working on a specific tune, ex make a break by not listening the tune for few days.

03.  Always test the tune on as many as possible different soundsystems and compare with other tunes of the same genre.

04.  Take good care of yourself and try keep it healthy, music might be your biggest passion but you need to be healthy in able to get a full advantage of your talent.

05.  Capture the inspiration moment when it comes, dont mess with technical stuff at that moment just put it on tape and do your thang, you can always do the final adjustments details and automatisation another day as long as you have it there.



The Lightning Round…

Favorite VST Instrument at the moment? Harmor

Favorite VST effect at the moment? UAD Precision Multiband Compressor

Favorite Sound Library?  Leviathan from Black Octopus Sound

DAW of choice? Cubase 7.5

Do you use any hardware?  If so favorite gear? ART pre amp / Fat 1 tlaudio compressor MAM WARP 9 filter

Producer you are digging at the moment?  Neon Steve

How long have you been producing for? Producing rock bands since 1995 with Ampex 8 track,electronic music since 2003

Biggest mistake beginners make? Listening to your music in only one pair of monitors

Is there is anything else you want to share? Just do it with love


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