Wicked Drum Hits 2

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Drum Samples, Dubstep, Trap Share This: 
32 reviews
32 reviews

Wicked Drum Hits 2

Wicked Drum Hits 2


Pack Contents

  • 100 Snares
  • 75 Sharp Kicks
  • 50 Tuned Kicks
  • 25 Crash & Ride
  • 50 FX
  • 75 Hats
  • 25 Toms


One of the top selling drum packs from Black Octopus has returned!  Wicked Drum Hits 2 is back with more of the thick, meaty snares, sharp kicks, tuned kicks, crisp hats, impacts, loops & more!  These hard hitting drums will feel right at home in modern dubstep, trap, riddim, glitch hop, drum & bass, electro, or any other genre that needs drums that are sculpted from the ground up to cut through the heaviest of mixes.  Snare tails have also been included so users can take the transiet of one snare, and add in a new tail to sculpt the perfect sound for their track.  Some users prefer to work with tuned kicks, and others like to work with unlabeled kicks so we have added both into this pack.  A dynamic and punchy kit of drums is an essential piece in any producers arsenal, and Wicked Drum Hits 2 is sure to be a go-to favorite for many producers for years to come.

32 reviews for Wicked Drum Hits 2

  1. good


    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  2. High-quality arsenal

    One-stop shop for consistent punch

    Tyler Billiot (verified owner)

  3. Cool heavy drum sounds

    Nice sound,perfect for EDM genre.

    Liu JIada (verified owner)

  4. Wicked Drum Hits 2

    Best Sample Drum

    rasaikh matashe (verified owner)

  5. Awesome drums

    Awesome pack with sick drums. The snares are out of this world!

    Karl Metum (verified owner)

  6. Drum Banger

    This pack is just High Quality

    Ian Andree (verified owner)

  7. awesome drum pack

    diego.rojas752 (verified owner)

  8. Nice drum sample pack for EDM

    Nice drum sample pack for EDM, good price and nicely processed samples! Recommend.

    Andris Rinkis (verified owner)

  9. Interesting electronic sounds.

    The elements that it brings only go for dubstep, but I feel that it can really be varied for different genres, very good to be honest.

    arath122003 (verified owner)

  10. High quality samples for EDM and Futurebass

    Great variation of samples, nice punch and kind of wicked 😉

    gimmebase (verified owner)

  11. Smooth, crisp top end one shot drum samples

    These weight ~100Mb. Here, expect lots of wav one-shots drums. Smooth, crisp top end sample. Snare tails and risers worth a listening. And the best part?. I’ve not actually purchased, as was a freebie. And a good one!

    alacantec (verified owner)


    good drum sounds. great deal!

    lowcreeper (verified owner)

  13. Wicked Drum Hits 2-review

    this was on offer from vstbuzz site,and was a free offer! fully recommended!

    tony.xterminator (verified owner)

  14. Wicked Drum Hits 2

    Awesome for EDM. Juicy one shots!

    max.ozeroff (verified owner)

  15. thick and powerful

    Satisfying, especially to combine with beat-maker plugins

    aditra (verified owner)

  16. Fine!

    Not bad for the price.

    aa1668 (verified owner)

  17. Hard & Clean Professional Production Ready Drum Sounds

    Don’t Look Any Further

    boogiebeats (verified owner)

  18. Combination is important

    Each one is a heavy sound, and this pack can be said to be a collection of them. By joining these pieces together, a powerful enumeration of sounds is created. It’s not poor at all.

    alphageeks2002 (verified owner)

  19. awesome drum sounds

    free but sounds are premium

    pmnthan (verified owner)

  20. HIt Hard

    This drum pack hits nice and hard.

    Dan Zod (verified owner)

  21. Best Drum One Shots

    I really like the collection of Kicks and snares.

    Abhijeet R. (verified owner)

  22. Good range of drums

    Good range of drums

    David S (verified owner)

  23. Good sounds

    Clear and saturated sounds. Congratulations.

    SEDAT BUĞA (verified owner)

  24. very satisfied!

    I have been looking for quality samples, and I finally found them!

    flako.91 (verified owner)

  25. Wicked Drum Hits 2 - Wicked

    Well curated samples. Very useful across multiple genres.

    MBI (verified owner)

  26. Wickked

    The drums hit.

    Kevin Harrison (verified owner)

  27. Better than I expected

    Some good, useful sounds here. A+

    Keith McMaugh (verified owner)

  28. Go To Pack

    Quickly became one of my go to packs when starting a new beat.

    ondrej.kral (verified owner)

  29. Now THESE are samples

    This is my first paid pack of samples. I had always been wary of paying for samples, but as soon as I heard the punch on these I was sold. Free packs had jaded me on samples, but of course no one is going to give away their good spices for free. Instead of hunting through a giant list looking for 1 or 2 good sounds, this is the opposite. There were maybe a few one shots that I scrunched my nose at.

    For some reason the pitched kicks are not loading on my SmplTrek. I do see the files, but it fails to load. Plays fine on the computer, maybe the sample rate they were recorded at? A small gripe though for an otherwise flawless pack!

    Michael Richard (verified owner)

  30. awesome

    Great assortment of unusual electronic drum hits

    andreasdmc (verified owner)

  31. Snare Tails are rare samples!

    Pack Contents doesn’t say but this pack has snare tail samples. This is a sustain/release sound of snare. It’s very useful to sound making.

    Hizumi Rei (verified owner)

  32. Even Better

    If you thought volume 1 was good, this takes it to the next level.

    Dan Zod (verified owner)

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