Imaginate Elements Series – Terra

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Mid Tempo Share This: 
23 reviews
23 reviews

Imaginate Elements Series - Terra (Main Demo)

Imaginate Elements Series - Terra

Pack Contents

  • 886 Total Sounds
  • 44 Bass Loops
  • 43 Drum Loops
  • 30 Foley loops
  • 30 FX Loops
  • 42 Synth Loops
  • 37 Atmospheres
  • 62 Bass One Shots
  • 91 Drum One Shots
  • 82 Foley One Shots
  • 128 FX
  • 113 Synths
  • 56 Serum Presets
  • 50 Serum Wavetables
  • 19 Battery 4 Sampler Instruments
  • 30 Kontakt 5 Sampler Instruments
  • 29 Logic Sampler Instruments


We have ventured through glass with Verre, into the forest of paper with Charta and even through the depths of the ocean with Aqua; but what about a sample pack made entirely out of rocks and earthly objects found around us!?

Terra is the heavy hitting bass slamming sample and preset library bringing you the most original and unique sounds to date! Inside this insane pack are Bass, Drum, Foley, FX and Synth Loops. Alongside the loops are one shots and bonus Serum Presets. This allows you to create entire songs with one sound library!  Even better yet, summon the elements from his other three packs to combine with Terra, and begin crafting the unique element that gives your music that truly elite and top shelf sound in no time flat!

So what are you waiting for? Grab this dirty speaker slaughtering library and get started today!

23 reviews for Imaginate Elements Series – Terra

  1. Amazing cinematic dubstep inspired by the brutality of nature!

    This pack has very high quality sounds. It’s got a lot of beautiful melodic content contrasted with the highly distorted noise that dubstep is famous for. There’s a lot of percussive sounds inspired by nature like rocks smashing. I can tell a lot of attention to detail went into it.

    colinskow (verified owner)

  2. Would Recommend

    Great product, full of unlimited inspiration; Would recommend

    AlexiOs (verified owner)

  3. Sounds Tasty

    Tasty Presets, killer drums

    OlympusReign (verified owner)

  4. Original and aggressive

    With how saturated the sample and preset market is, it’s hard to find sounds that both bring something new to your library and are easily usable without being forced to be experimental. This pack pulls it off excellently.

    thepondermatic (verified owner)

  5. Amazing

    Very very good

    matthew29510 (verified owner)

  6. Great pack!

    This is a great release. I love Imaginate’s stuff 👍🏼

    Chris Rodbourne (verified owner)

  7. Demo Sounds Great

    Just downloaded and checked out the demo on YouTube. Great sound and refreshing patches. The mobile App is NOT available in Singapore. It will be nice to have the Mobile App to browse the other products too.

    Wayne Khin (verified owner)

  8. "Imaginate Elements Series - Terra"


    neurofux (verified owner)

  9. *chef's kiss*

    I got this pack for free via email, and i’m impressed. Really in love with all the ear candy FX.

    Benjamin Smigielski (verified owner)

  10. Terra: Drum and Bass Mastery Unleashed

    This pack offers high-quality drum and bass samples that seamlessly fit into various electronic music genres. From booming basslines to futuristic glitchy melodies, “Terra” has everything to inspire both experienced producers and beginners.

    The attention to detail in sound design makes this sample pack a valuable resource for creativity and innovation. Whether you’re producing drum and bass, dubstep, glitch hop, or mid-tempo, “Terra” is a must-have in your arsenal.

    drumatix (verified owner)

  11. GREAT!

    The “Imaginate Elements Series – Terra” sample pack is an absolute gem for any music producer looking to infuse earthy, organic textures into their compositions. This collection offers a rich tapestry of sounds that evoke the raw beauty of the natural world.

    drumatix (verified owner)

  12. Great quality and abundance

    There are plenty of sounds to use, organic and electronic, they sound gorgeous and the loops are very useful for mangling in loopmix for example.

    andreasdmc (verified owner)

  13. Imaginate Series

    I really enjoyed a lot of the one shots. I play in a 4 piece rock band and use samples for effects in several songs.

    maxmix1 (verified owner)

  14. Very fine

    Fantastico choices

    Lui Ava (verified owner)

  15. Unique and dope af

    I am genuinely impressed with the quality of this pack and everything that I’ve heard from Imaginate. Props for standing out in such an oversaturated market.

    ziggerbaut (verified owner)

  16. Nice Pack

    It sounds extremely cool!

    Brian Lin (verified owner)

  17. numarul7

    Sounds good! Feels good! So it is good!

    grigoreflorin1985 (verified owner)

  18. Potential. Worth it for the price

    After just recently completing Horizon Zero Dawn (on Ultra Hard 😉 ) I can see where they got the inspiration from. Half the sounds are of great quality. Some however, lack in detail. The hat and drum loops are pretty standard and not a lot of variation. Bass sounds are impressive but again very similar to each other. The foley sounds feel a bit thrown in like an after thought. Has a lot of potential with the atmos sounds, I reckon you could do some interesting things with them. Really full sounding. Wavetables, again if you are a bit creative you can get some awesome developments from them. For the price I’d say you get a quite a lot but limited to a certain genre. If you like glitch then this is for you. If you’re looking for more natural sounds I’d look elsewhere.

    mk.iimusicofficial (verified owner)

  19. Every Imaginate Product Is A Must

    Great for dubstep

    philpasta23 (verified owner)

  20. Gran Libreria de Sonidos

    Mucha versatilidad, calidad de sonido y posibilidades para la creación musical!!!

    SiroDj (verified owner)

  21. Amazing Sample Pack

    Amazing samples. Really great sounding samples, really useful bass sounds.

    Abhijeet R. (verified owner)

  22. so,good!


    studio.enreve (verified owner)

  23. Fantastic


    monitor (verified owner)

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