Event Horizon 2 – 128 Patches for John Bowen Solaris

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Take your John Bowen Solaris into the next dimension with 128 brand new patches created by Toby Emerson. Event Horizon 2 picks up where volume 1 left off and now includes many new tricks that have been learned after extensive use of this exquisite synthesizer. Both the digital and analog realms are fully explored in this soundset and includes crystal clear bells, warm evolving pads, creamy deep bass sounds, and spaced out leads. If you are one of the lucky few that own this beautiful instrument you will definitely want to pick yourself up a copy of Event Horizon 2 today!

All sounds make use of the Joystick to dial in the desired intensity for the sound.

Note: The audio example demo includes some reverb with Valhalla reverbs and a bit of extra compression. Everything else is all Solaris!

Patch List:

PD Jupiter Strings
PD Satellite
PD Space Age
PD Rotocreep
PD Milky Way
PD Golden Strings
PD Death Star
PD The Hive
PD Transmission
PD Black Hole
PD Hypersleep
PD Hart Pad
PD Warm Pad Analog 1
PD Warm Pad Analog 2
PD Ghost Pad
PD Krogan
PD Shaman Strings
PD Deep Pad
PD Horizon
PD Northern Light
PD Universe
PD Breaking Bad
PD Wall of Saws
PD Lifeforms
PD Waverotor
PD Ocean Pad
PD Valhalla
PD Spaceballs
PD Mission Space
PD Lost Planet
PD Heaven
PD Overload
PD Portal String
PD Europa
PD Moare
PD Silver
PD Time Traveller
PD Afterglow
BS Bobba Fett
BS Omega
BS Analog 1
BS Analog 2
BS Analog 3
BS Analog 4
BS Talky Bass
BS Glob Bass
BS Slayer Bass
BS Phantobass
BS Tough 5th
BS Kick Sub
BS Velbass
BS Organika
BS Phase Bass
BS Interstellar
BS Gnarly Beast
BS Rough Bass
BS Ultrabass Mod
BS Horde Mod
BS Fatbass
BS Rat Bass
BS Not Exactly
BS Res Bass
BS Basik Acid
BS Antimatter
BS Minisquare
BS Electro
SY Jupiter
SY Jupter 2
SY Clouds
SY Cicada
SY Thicket Trance
SY Neuropsy
SY Voc Vel
SY Comb Vel
SY Nebula Vel
SY Biter Vel
SY Vocal Vel
SY Dreamtrance
SY Outback Stack
SY Solar Pluck
SY Moog
SY Hog Seq 1
SY Hog Seq 2
SY Hog Seq 3
SY Polymoog
SY Trains
SY Vintage Stab
SY Discovery
SY Twilight
SY Sharp Stabs
SY Pulsar
SY Saturn
SY Hard Pluck
SY Warmed
SY Titan
SY Fat Jaws
SY Future Square
SY Luna Arp
KY Moonlight
KY Gravity
KY Across the Ocean
KY Astral Bell
KY Classic Organ
KY Mallet
KY Mallet 2
KY 80s
KY Hard EP
KY Sin City
KY Gemstone
KY Blue Worm
KY Space drum
KY Singularity
KY Nebula
LD Mars
LD Mercury
LD Kingdom
LD Super Fury
LD Huge Brassy
LD Pressure
LD First Contact
LD Hoverboard
LD Slam
LD Alien Reece
LD Theremin
LD Venus
LD Reptile
LD Ganymede
LD Oberon