Leviathan 4

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Drum Samples, Dubstep, EDM, FX, Live Instruments, Vocal Samples Share This: 
14 reviews

14 reviews

Leviathan 4 (Main Demo)

Leviathan 4

Pack Contents

  • 7388 Total Sounds, MIDI, & Presets!
  • 1909 Drum One Shots
    • 308 Kicks
    • 269 Claps
    • 329 Snares
    • 103 Toms
    • 150 Percussion One-Shots
    • 85 World Percussion One Shots
    • 206 Shaker One-Shots
    • 63 Closed Hi-Hats
    • 154 Open Hi-Hats
    • 128 Rides
    • 114 Crash Cymbals
  • 809 Drum Loops
    • 224 Full Drum Loops
    • 151 Drum Fills
    • 50 Kick Snare Loops
    • 116 Percussion Loops
    • 113 Shaker Loops
    • 155 Top Loops
  • 254 Bass Loops
  • 690 Bass One Shots
    • 264 Misc Bass One Shots
    • 164 Sub Drops
    • 73 Sub Hits
    • 189 Bass Sustains
  • 1356 FX
    • 85 Atmospheres
    • 132 Fallers
    • 109 Foley One-Shots
    • 361 Glitch FX
    • 116 Impacts
    • 246 FX One-Shots
    • 99 Reverse
    • 155 Risers
    • 53 Tonal FX
  • 656 Music Loops
    • 133 Chord & Pad Loops
    • 106 Pluck & Arp Loops
    • 137 Synth Leads
    • 280 Live Instrument Loops
  • 492 Music One Shots
    • 109 Live Instrument One-Shots
    • 206 Synth One-Shots
    • 177 Synth Chords
  • 650 Vocals
    • 38 Vocal Atmospheres
    • 95 Vocal Chops & Glitches
    • 320 Vocal One-Shots
    • 147 Vocal Phrases
    • 50 Vocal Reverses
  • 325 Serum Presets
  • 251 MIDI


Leviathan IV — The Beast Is Back! 

Fully loaded with more brand new sounds than ever before, this fourth instalment in this legendary series contains over 6500 extraordinary sounds expertly crafted by world-class sound designers. The go-to sample library for many of the world’s top producers Leviathan IV is fully stocked with over 9GB of content, featuring the next generation of sonic tools to tackle any genre. 

Now packed with an entirely new lineup, this secret weapon of hit producers used around the globe has been designed with the modern music maker in mind. From Trap, Drill, Dubstep, House, Future Bass, Tech-House, EDM, Chillout, Drum & Bass, Garage, Nu Disco, Techno, and an endless amount of genres still unheard, Black Octopus Sound continues the art of sample pack perfection with Leviathan IV!

Armed with drag and drop ready sounds to keep you inspired for years to come, from world-renowned drums used on countless hit records and  monstrous music loops to versatile vocals and bombastic bass heard on many tracks in the Top 100 Charts. Plug & play with the extensive FX selections, massive MIDI files, and pro-level Serum presets with plenty of assigned macros. Shape the sound of modern music with the sample pack of monstrous proportions.

Leviathan IV — The Legacy Continues! 

6500+ Samples

325 Serum Presets

9GB+ Content

Create Your Future Sound of Tomorrow with The Sample Pack of Enormous Magnitude!


14 reviews for Leviathan 4


    I’ve been looking forward to this release, and it’s absolutely worth it

    Swampman (verified owner)

  2. Awesome, all there is to say

    This pack is truly amazing. And huge.

    thomasbrown072 (verified owner)

  3. Huge!

    Covers just about everything I could need.

    woodsgb (verified owner)

  4. A beast of a sample pack

    Amazing & diverse sounds

    samzhanglmms (verified owner)

  5. love sound!


    kam132 (verified owner)

  6. Amazing

    5 stars

    matthew29510 (verified owner)

  7. So good

    Seriously so much stuff,

    Matthew Latting (verified owner)

  8. Leviathan 4!


    Erica (verified owner)

  9. Has It All

    Got this pack a few months ago and it really is a sample pack I’ll swear by. It took me a long time to really get acquainted with the vast sample libraries, but now I use it extensively (particularly for its immaculate drum samples and its bass one-shots). Worth every penny you might spend on it. I’m not lying when I say that this sample pack really did upgrade my music production.

    Nancy Gaytan (verified owner)

  10. Massive samples!

    Percussion & Top Loops are more added, it’s nice

    Hizumi Rei (verified owner)

  11. What can I say...Brilliant!

    They’ve done it again. Absolute must have for any dance music producer

    AlexiOs (verified owner)

  12. Its the best pack for sure

    Best of black octopus by far

    Joshua (verified owner)

  13. Useful bag of tricks!

    I don’t usually buy sample packs – just vocals. If i do i grab them for the oneshots, FX, Hits and maybe presets. But its good to know if i ever need to bash out a track in an hour i have samples that are well made too.

    Jack Buck (verified owner)

  14. Leviathan 4 is dope!

    The pack is full of ready to use files in your productions. Highly recommended.

    Miguel Carmona (verified owner)

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