T-Racks Mixbox

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50 reviews

50 reviews

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Limitless sonic options right at your fingertips

MixBox packs 70 award-winning mixing processors and creative effects derived from T-RackSAmpliTube and SampleTank into a convenient 500-series style plug-in. Create, compare and save your own custom channel strips or multiFX chains, or choose from over 600 presets to give your creativity a kickstart. Whether in your favorite DAW or stand-alone, MixBox combines a massive range of effects and powerful workflow to supercharge your mixes.

Key Features

  • Create your own custom channel strips
  • 70 FX from T-RackS, AmpliTube & SampleTank
  • Dynamics, EQs, Filters, Modulation, Channel Strips, Saturation, Reverbs, Delays, Distortion and Amps
  • 4 all-new algorithms for hall, room, plate and inverse reverbs
  • Chain up to 8 processors in a single instance
  • Lightning-fast workflow with all controls at your fingertips
  • Save and recall entire chains, instantly
  • Over 600 presets for every situation, including single processor and whole-chain presets
  • Stand-alone hosts up to 8 full racks for live mixing

Build your own custom processor chains

MixBox lets you choose from 70 different effects to create a custom processor chain in a single “rack.” 8 slots per rack let you design the exact channel strip you want, then save it for later recall.

With a quick drag & drop workflow, you’ll be able to assemble chains instantly and get right to work shaping your music from one central workstation.

70 different processors to choose from

Derived from IK’s award-winning T-RackS, AmpliTube and SampleTank plug-ins, every processor offers immaculate sound, from powerful digital effects to warm, authentic physical models of classic analog gear. And for reverb, MixBox offers 4 all-new, massively improved algorithms for hall, room, plate and inverse.


A modeling powerhouse

MixBox includes ultra-precise digital models of some of the most iconic mixing gear in history like the LA2A, 1176, 1073 EQs, 4000-series channel strips, plus creative models like amplifier distortion and even tape saturation.

Get the gear collection of your dreams right at your fingertips including all of the gear and FX below.

Amp (9)
American Vintage T, British Tube Lead, Cabinet, Flexi Amp, Jazz Amp 120, Modern Tube Lead, Preamp, SVT Classic, Tone Control.

Channel Strip (3)
Channel Strip, EQ 81, EQ Comp.

Delay (3)
Digital Delay, Reverb Delay, Tape Echo.

Distortion (5)
Crusher, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Overdrive, Overscream.

Dynamics (7)
Black 76, Bus Compressor, Compressor, De-Esser, Limiter, Model 670, White 2A.

EQ (4)
British EQ, EQ PG, Parametric EQ, Vintage EQ-1A.

Filter (10)
Env Filter, Filter Formant, Filter Phaser, Filter-C, Filter-M, Filter-O, Filter-R, LFO Filter, Multi Filter, Wah 47.

Modulation (17)
AM Modulator, AutoPan, Chorus, Chorus C1, Electric Flanger, Ensemble, Env Flanger, Flanger, FM Modulator, Multi Chorus, Opto Tremolo, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, Slicer, Small Phazer, Tremolo, Uni-V.

Reverb (9)
Ambience, ConvoRoom, Digital Reverb, Hall Reverb, Inverse Reverb, Plate Reverb, Room Reverb, Spring Reverb, Stereo Imager.

Saturation (3)
Phonograph, Saturator-X, Tape Cassette.

Precise gain staging & side-chain input

MixBox also offers individual gain and dry/wet controls for each processor, letting you precisely control gain staging just like you would with real hardware.

An additional sidechain input lets you trigger effects like compression from a second signal, to tighten up kick drums and basses, or pump your master bus.

Instant inspiration with hundreds of presets

Need a place to get started? MixBox comes packed with both individual processor and whole-chain presets, covering a range of uses, styles, genres and more.

Plus, you can easily save and recall your own presets for future use.

50 reviews for T-Racks Mixbox

  1. Perfetct!

    I love this product.

    gustavogarridogiraldo (verified owner)

  2. Good Plugin

    Special very interisting offer

    lucarossi101088 (verified owner)

  3. Maravilhoso

    Som Maravilhoso! programadores estão de parabéns, lindo! ja tem tudo que eu preciso para minhas músicas

    Enilson Santos (verified owner)

  4. All you need

    It’s a very useful toolbox

    Francesco Contartese (verified owner)

  5. Love it

    One of the best plugin bundles !

    AARON (verified owner)

  6. a very wide channelstrip

    it includes everything you need!

    djmrah (verified owner)



    Andrew (verified owner)

  8. good investment!

    It is a very good mixing tool; I love the fact that you have pretty much everything you need on the rack!

    Josue (verified owner)

  9. Incredible deal!!!!

    As a user of IK Multimedia plugins for years this is a must, very versatile collection of plugins, no brainer!

    iguanadrum (verified owner)

  10. No-Brainer deal

    This has pretty much everything for mixing.

    kalle.laakso (verified owner)

  11. Awesome Swiss-Army Knife

    Pretty much everything on board you need in terms of channel strips, compressors, effects and stuff. Awesome go-to solution for most needs!

    bach (verified owner)

  12. Excelente box!!!

    Excelente Plugins!!! soa muito bem em todas as peças. Valeu a pena cada centavo gasto!!!

    studiodaltans (verified owner)

  13. Muito bom

    Muito Bom

    Luan Soares do Santos (verified owner)

  14. T-Racks Mixbox

    Tremendos Plugin

    Juan Carlos Mercado (verified owner)

  15. T-Racks Mixbox

    Tremendos Plugin

    Juan Carlos Mercado (verified owner)



    Flavio Pozzaglio (verified owner)

  17. Don't know what to expect.

    But according to other recommendations I thinks this sale is super worth of buying! 🙂

    Damian Sejnowski (verified owner)

  18. Nice

    good price

    dannyhamel (verified owner)

  19. Tracks

    Very good plugin

    Andre Luiz Bandina (verified owner)

  20. Mixbox tools for everyday use

    I’m simply astonished for the quality of this plugin suite. The best value comes when looking at the GUI, everything it’s in front of your eyes and you can see how your plugins reacts relatively to your chain! Could definitely be a must have for engineers and producers searching for the easiest and fastest way to get better sounding tracks!
    Thanks IK Multimedia for such an handy all in one ITB multi-tool for audio experts!

    cponticella (verified owner)

  21. Prodotto Fantastico

    Questo rack contiene moltissimi effetti di cui hai bisogno, e tutti di qualità elevata. Molto consigliato!!

    sal.guida1971 (verified owner)

  22. Very nice!

    A lot of stuff for a very cheap price

    Steven Torcivia (verified owner)

  23. Great plug in!!

    really a very helpful plug-in in my work, light and easy to apply!

    kristiansatriyoa (verified owner)

  24. Great!!!!

    All u need 😉

    fvfabio (verified owner)



    Giuseppe Spanu (verified owner)

  26. Wow

    Sembrerebbe un ottimo bundle di plugin ma ho effettuato l’acquisto stamattina e ancora non vedo l’ombra del download

    Leonardo Carletti (verified owner)

  27. good


    akshay yadav (verified owner)

  28. Pazzesco

    Rack fantastico per un suono fantastico 😀

    fabio.dedeo (verified owner)

  29. Insane!

    This product is insane with this offer! If you don’t get it you crazy!!!!

    Carlo Orcorte (verified owner)

  30. amazing

    amazing offert for an astonishing product

    vincenzo santonicola (verified owner)

  31. great mixing plugin suite

    ik multimedia full mixing suite at great price…had to get it! 🙂

    francesco roselli (verified owner)

  32. I can’t wait to use. I ‘ve not received T-Racks yet but I’m sure it will be awesome indeed. Thanks for this sale


    Vannetiello Claudio (verified owner)

  33. Good

    a lot of preset and effects for mixing

    Mirco Maccarone (verified owner)

  34. Awesome product

    The ability to run all effects in 8 racks is very impressive.

    agostinomazziotti (verified owner)

  35. Great and Realistic

    Very excited to use this bundle, realistic and creative!

    leodura (verified owner)

  36. aw


    mattia.mazzoli74 (verified owner)

  37. good plugin

    best plugin

    Alexander Zuñiga (verified owner)

  38. A Must Have!!

    Saturation worth the entire sale, but other processors are incredible. In front. of the Major broh Tracks some similar processors sounds little different. My opinion I feel better with this. Great job IKMultimedia.

    randy norton (verified owner)

  39. Very good

    Very good plug-ins!

    Tiziano Zaghi (verified owner)

  40. Exelente lo Mejor de lo Mejor

    Un Completo Surtido de todo lo que nececito.

    Carlos Andres Perea (verified owner)

  41. Great

    Very great vst

    halishdj (verified owner)


    Ci sono volute 3 ore per ricevere il codice di registrazione via mail (il sito è sotto stress vista l’affluenza, ma si viene avvisati in fase di acquisto). Una volta eseguita la registrazione non ho nemmeno dovuto scaricare il software visto che avevo già la versione CS, ed all’avvio era già tutto presente ed utilizzabile. Direi che è andata a meraviglia! Grazie!

    luca-7664 (verified owner)

  43. Excellent

    Yuo may have all what you need … super … +++

    paolo (verified owner)

  44. Must have!

    Must have!

    Valerio Cappella (verified owner)

  45. Excellent Bundle

    Consider it like a complete bundle where u can find anything u need. Super Product

    ledzyofficial (verified owner)

  46. One of the best strip plugins I've used

    Easy, light and sounds great! I enjoy it more than Infinistrip, even if it looks a bit dated. Its awesome on a bus, even with just the free stuff, to add a bit of eq, comp and even delay and reverb. You can get pretty far with just this unit and definitely try the free one if you haven’t!

    Jon-Michael Penner (verified owner)



    qlqoishsh18 (verified owner)

  48. Everuthing you need

    Great plugin!

    Åleksandrs Borzihs (verified owner)

  49. T-Racks Mixbox

    Super, se solo riuscissi a scaricarlo dopo averlo acqustato.

    salvatoresciotti (verified owner)

  50. My fovourite plugin suite

    Love it. I loved it from the first moment I saw it, downloading the demo. Practically everything is inside, nothing is missing. Together with T-Racks it offers everything you need from mixing to mastering in the home studio. Really fantastic!

    Claudio Dezi (verified owner)

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