Wicked Drum Hits

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39 reviews
39 reviews

Wicked Drum Hits (main demo)

Wicked Drum Hits

Pack Contents

  • 100 Sharp Kicks
  • 50 Tuned Kicks
  • 75 Snare
  • 25 Snare Tails
  • 25 Crash & Ride
  • 25 Toms
  • 25 Hat loops
  • 25 Closed Hi Hat
  • 25 Open Hi Hat
  • 25 Impacts
  • 25 Risers


Black Octopus Sound presents the first sample pack in the Wicked Drum series.  Wicked Drum Hits is a tasty selection of over 400 finely crafted drum one shots, perfect for many genres of music including dubstep, drum and bass, glitch hop, trap, electro, big room, and much more.  Al of these sounds are crafted by producers with years of professional expertise, and will fit in your mixes with little to no processing added.  Choose from either a kick with a sharp transient, tuned body, or layer them together to create your own.  The snares are designed with maximum impact in mind and hit with a brute force.  An additional 25 snare tails are included which allows you to really fine tune your sounds to your exact liking.  Top this off with some hi hats, impacts, cymbals, toms, and a few risers and you’ve got everything you need to make huge sounding beats.  Getting good drums is essential for creating a good mix and we have made that step much easier with Wicked Drum Hits.

Download contains 425 x 24-bit WAV

165 MB Unzipped | 125 MB Zipped

39 reviews for Wicked Drum Hits

  1. "Wicked Drum Hits"

    Yes, it’s wicked… but powerful and punchy, I really like the Kicks Sharp, but it’s all good, the Kicks Tuned, Perccussions, Snares and FX, all you need to make a phat rhythm track whatever the genre.

    Paulo (verified owner)

  2. Drums for Production

    I like them alot caus they sound dope

    David (verified owner)

  3. A Good Selection

    A good selection of hits that are fun to use.

    Shane (verified owner)

  4. Great samples

    For free samples and hits sound great completely usable

    Jamie (verified owner)

  5. good

    i love one shot

    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  6. Wicked is Right

    The drums really hit in this pack!!!

    JonMichael (verified owner)

  7. I like the kicks.

    The kicks in this sample packs are nice, I like them. I haven’t really used the risers but I like the other stuff in this pack.

    Dennis (verified owner)

  8. Thanks

    This pack has changed my perspective of making music. Thanks for such a great sound pack!

    Josue (verified owner)

  9. Wicked Drum Hits

    Not much else to say , these are Wicked and nice hard attacks

    Tom (verified owner)

  10. Great drum tools

    Great drum tools that are ready to go or layer if you want to make your own.

    yellowmix (verified owner)

  11. Awesome samples!

    Awesome samples. Already use in my tracks. Thanks!

    Dmitry (verified owner)

  12. Sick pack

    Absolutely nuts pack

    sandynicko (verified owner)

  13. Hot useful Sounds to deal with

    much impression , the sounds are good to work with.

    Martin (verified owner)

  14. Some decent sounds, low variety

    These drums do hit pretty hard, but there’s very little variety, especially among the kicks. Some of the cymbals sound a little thin and wouldn’t be the first thing I reach for. Snares and FX, as well as the tuned kicks are nice.

    Jordan (verified owner)

  15. Punchy

    Good library from nice punchy drums

    green_building (verified owner)

  16. Excellent drum hits

    I liked the sound quality and character.

    v.m-painter (verified owner)

  17. Impacts and Risers

    Not only drums, this package also contains several nice impacts and risers!

    Glen (verified owner)

  18. Where it fits, it hits.

    Very nice hit set for wicked music.

    Sakkari (verified owner)

  19. Fresh and wicked drum sounds & fx

    Wicked is the right word, this sound pack brough me a fresh and unconventional new perspective in creating drum loops.

    gimmebase (verified owner)

  20. Excellent selection of modern drum sounds

    Good selection of everything, Kicks, Snares, Toms, Hats, and other Cymbals

    ijohnson007 (verified owner)

  21. great drum pack!

    these drums hit hard. great pack for starting a library of quality drum samples.

    D (verified owner)

  22. Great Compliment

    Awesome variety pack of hits to instantly spice up a flat mix

    scottp739 (verified owner)

  23. Bumpin!

    Great hits to use & swap out to freshen up any kind of edm mix, great source material!!!

    Max Trone (verified owner)

  24. Nice

    Nice pack

    AC (verified owner)

  25. Very Tight Samples


    Dan Zod (verified owner)

  26. Lively one shot drum samples

    Punchy and tasty drums, one-shots work great in electronic music genres. I’d rather prefer the return Wicked Drum Hits 2, tho. This one was a freebie. Thanks Black Octopus Sound!

    alacantec (verified owner)

  27. This is a go to pack

    This is a go to pack, whenever you need some hard hitting drums

    OlympusReign (verified owner)

  28. Cool and useful

    I often use Its Kick&Snare,So useful

    Shintaro (verified owner)

  29. Wicked Drum Hits

    I love this drum set, especially the Snare. Thank you

    hoangchienyamaha (verified owner)

  30. Patadas y trampas

    Un paquete con sonidos de percusión muy buenos.

    miguel angel (verified owner)

  31. Does what it says on a tin

    Does what it says on a tin

    Dan (verified owner)


    If the demo grabs you, you’ll probably like what you’ll find in the pack. Just don’t expect to find much beyond what you hear in the demo track: solid kicks, pitched up snares, some hats/cymbals/toms, and an assortment of impacts/risers.

    DNA (verified owner)

  33. Wicked drums

    Sonidos nítidos que transmiten esa energía que se necesita

    dratarckl (verified owner)

  34. Great drum kit

    For those who are looking for an insane drum kit to make heavy music like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electro, etc, they need to purchase this pack.

    Ian Andree (verified owner)

  35. Hard drums

    Hard hits

    Ruben (verified owner)

  36. Wicked Drum Hits - Wicked

    Well curated sample pack. Useful across multiple genres. Check out the demo and purchase!

    MBI (verified owner)

  37. Great selection of Drum Hits!

    This is a great pack of quality drum hits which work for many genres.

    P (verified owner)

  38. Awesome

    Makes all other drum kits obsolete

    Dan Zod (verified owner)

  39. so,good!


    studio.M.T (verified owner)

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