Leviathan Anthology Bundle (I-IV)

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Drum Samples, Dubstep, EDM, House & Garage, Trap Share This: 
7 reviews

7 reviews

Leviathan 1 (Main demo)

Leviathan Anthology Bundle (I-IV)


Pack Contents

  • 20,000 Samples
  • 575 Serum presets
  • 250 MIDI Files


Get all four of the iconic Leviathan sample packs from Black Octopus Sound in one incredible bundle!  The Leviathan series has become a go-to sample library for many music producers due to the exceptional quality of samples, impeccable organization, and versatility for many styles of music.   The amount of content in this bundle is vast and contains over 20,000 samples & 575 serum presets. Widely recognized for their punchy drums, crisp percussion, sub shaking bass, extensive fx, synths, the sounds in these packs are suitable for any genre and have made their way onto countless hit records by top world producers.  Each sound has been mixed and mastered by professionals with decades of production experience to ensure that your tracks will sound great when using these sounds in your tracks.

Leviathan 2


Bundle contains

Leviathan 1

  • 5000+ Samples
  • 4GB+ content
  • 1300+ Drum one shots
  • 600+ FX
  • 380+ Drum loops
  • 1200 + Bass & Synth
  • 300+ Music loops

Leviathan 2

  • 5000+ Sounds
  • 6.69 GB of World Class Material
  • Thousands of Drum One Shots & Loops
  • Over 500 FX
  • Over 1000 Synth & Bass One Shots/Loops
  • 270 Music Loops

Leviathan 3

  • 3500+ Samples
  • 250 Serum Presets
  • 6GB+ Content

Leviathan 4

  • 7388 Total Sounds, MIDI, & Presets!
  • 1909 Drum One Shots
  • 809 Drum Loops
  • 254 Bass Loops
  • 690 Bass One Shots
  • 1356 FX
  • 656 Music Loops
  • 492 Music One Shots
  • 650 Vocals
  • 325 Serum Presets
  • 251 MIDI

7 reviews for Leviathan Anthology Bundle (I-IV)

  1. Great!

    When I was a beginner, this was one of my biggest dreams. Now I have it. How great!

    pqvuong2002 (verified owner)

  2. All the drum samples you'll ever need

    I don’t care what kind of music you produce, you _WILL_ not need other sources of one-shot drum samples. There are SO many organisation genuinely becomes an issue. The tonal samples and loops are nice, too, but to me the star is buying a single bundle and genuinely never having to look for drum samples ever again.

    aapo.saaristo (verified owner)

  3. legendary!!!

    its epic totaly must have for every producer!! midi are great samples are very good and presets are top!

    asfdeafboar (verified owner)

  4. Amazing

    Literally so many sounds, all fantastic quality

    Nick Buehler (verified owner)

  5. Leviathan anthology bundle

    $49 for 20gb of brilliant samples. This was a no brainer. I’ve already made 4 tracks in a week of breakbeat phatness. Love these packs so much.

    Danny Grey (verified owner)

  6. Very Awesome Deal

    $49 for thousands of sounds! Best Deal Ever

    housedj110307 (verified owner)

  7. Everything

    It’s got just about everything you could be looking for, a great MASSIVE addition to any sound collection for whatever you are working on. I wish I had found this when I first started, in the end I would have saved a lot that was spent here and there over time.

    Brian (verified owner)

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