We recently caught up with Fatface who offered up some free track downloads,  a small pack of free samples, and some answers to questions on some of the tools he uses in the studio!  Fatface (aka Neil Banyard) is a man of many talents – not only a producer in the studio but an event organizer, singer & songwriter, and DJ for various radio shows.  You can check out some of his free track downloads below, including a monster collab with electro breaks legend Specimen A which has been released by one of the top labels for that genre, Funkatech.  Currently Fatface is working exclusively with Overcooked Records so be on the lookout for more upcoming tracks through them.

The Lightning Round…

Favorite VST Instrument at the moment? Has to be Massive, Such a strong synth and can make so many different kinds of sounds from big chords to massive Bass.

Favorite VST effect at the moment? Favourite Vst would have to be D-Blue glitch for doing tape stops or glitchy edits to sounds. Or Xfer Records LFO tool for sidechaining bass sounds so the kick drum can really punch through.

Favorite Sound Library?  Vengance all the way, I think most producers would agree that this company are a class apart from everyone else, when listening to vengance samples you can often hear sounds from dance tracks that you recognise.

DAW of choice? Cubase all the way

Do you use any hardware?  If so favorite gear? Only my M-Audio Midi controller which I assign to any synth.

Producer you are digging at the moment?  Hardwell, Alesso, NAPT

How long have you been producing for? 5 Years now, Its a long slog learning how to produce but well worth all the hard work

Biggest mistake beginners make? For me its overthinking it and putting too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy what your doing and find a vibe.

Is there is anything else you want to share? Best bit of advice I can give to all aspiring producers is do what makes you happy, ignore all the thats not cool musical snobbery and do what makes you smile. Oh and also learn Piano chords and scales, really helps when it comes to writing tracks.



Download some free samples from Fatface HERE!

Follow Fatface on Soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/fatface