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  • Going Deep with Acoustics – Interview with Matt Davis

    One of the hardest things for any engineer or producer to get right isn’t the mix, its not even the music… it is the acoustics of the room they are sitting in. It’s a no brainer that this is one of the most important and crucial aspects of knowing what you are hearing and in […]

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  • Going Deep with Plugin Development – Interview with Marc Adamo

    We all use them. We all know about them. But what really goes on behind the scenes (and hood) of plugins and plugin development? Since 1992, with Waves first audio plugin called the Q10 Paragraphic EQ, we have seen a massive rise, and overall must-have scenario for audio plugins. It is surreal to think back […]

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  • Sequential announces the new Prophet-5 / Prophet-10 analog synth

    The Return of a Legend The new Prophet-5 is Dave Smith’s timely return to the analog poly synth that changed the world. It’s “the best of all Prophet-5s” as Dave puts it because it embodies all three revisions of the legendary synth — Rev1, Rev2, and Rev3 — through the use of genuine Curtis analog […]

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  • Going Deep with Dubstep Sound Designer – Interview with WB x MB

    Dubstep is one of the best known genres of Electronic Music lurking around for over a decade. Giving powerhouse basslines a whole new meaning, it has evolved from something built for dark underground clubs to something made for arena’s and mainstages at the worlds biggest festivals and events. So, it was an easy choice on […]

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