Basement Freaks Presents Argonautica – Kemençe of the Black Sea

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4 reviews

4 reviews

Basement Freaks Presents Argonautica - Kemençe of the Black Sea (Main Demo)

Basement Freaks Presents Argonautica - Kemençe of the Black Sea


Pack Contents

  • 282 Total contents
  • 42 Licks & Fills
  • 33 Various One Shots
  • 33 Music Loops
  • 32 Pontic Kemence Loops
  • 27 Pontic Kemence One Shots
  • 22 Drums One-Shots
  • 21 Percussion Loops
  • 15 Metal Guiro Loops
  • 13 Darbuka Loops
  • 13 FX Loops
  • 11 Frame Drum Loops
  • 11 FX One Shots
  • 7 Darbuka One-Shots
  • 2 Frame Drum One-Shots


Black Octopus Sound alongside Basement Freaks is proud to Present Argonautica – Kemençe of the Black Sea. The most unique production from Basement Freaks so far. This pack features the sound of his ancestors in the traditional pear-shaped Kemençe, a 3-string bowed musical instrument from the Black Sea region. Basement Freaks fuses this traditional instrument from his origin, with contemporary, modern-day sounds, such as 808s and catchy rhythms to achieve his dream of making a one-of-a-kind sample pack!

A pre-eminent musical folk instrument of the Greeks of Pontus (now Türkiye), the Kemençe has a one-octave range and is usually tuned to perfect fourths which is its strength as it can be played both melodically and polyphonically.

The Pontic Kemençe gives this pack a traditional backbone alongside other instruments such as the Darbuka, Metal Guiro, Frame Drums, Drums, and multiple Percussions. Altogether giving you a distinct range of sounds to make your production stand out when using these unique, yet catchy instruments to form organic inspiration!

There are also loops, one-shots, licks, and fills inside from both computer-generated sounds and multiple modern instruments, which blend with the traditional instruments to give this pack a new modern flavor. The sound effects, Music loops, FX, and various one-shots include 808’s, subs, synths, textures, kicks, crashes, hi-hats, electric guitars, stabs, Risers, sweeps, and downshifters provide all the essential ingredients for some next-level, progressive production.

This pack has a taste of everything and these sounds are awesome for sprinkling throughout multiple genres to add a unique touch of inspiration to your productions, yet the Kemençe is the star, especially as samples are hard to come by from this rare instrument. You can feel Basement Freak’s passion oozing throughout this pack and can hear his strong ancestral ties to the region through the expertise of these samples. So add Basement Freak’s unique touch of tradition to your tracks with ‘Argonautica – Kemençe of the Black Sea’.

4 reviews for Basement Freaks Presents Argonautica – Kemençe of the Black Sea

  1. Thought I'd try something different !

    Really impressed with this one, check out the demo. Great deal of quality sounds that can give a real boost to your creations. Enjoy !!

    Andrew R (verified owner)

  2. Amazing sound!

    Great for infusing this type of flavor into your production.

    ondrej.kral (verified owner)

  3. mysterious sound

    I was looking for a tone that felt exotic.
    I bought this because I thought it was very good.
    It will also allow you to develop your songs in an unusual way.

    alphageeks2002 (verified owner)

  4. Good Samplepack

    I like it and use it!

    grigoreflorin1985 (verified owner)

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