Biomorphic presets for Xfer Serum

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4 reviews
4 reviews

Biomorphic for Serum (main demo)

Biomorphic presets for Xfer Serum


Pack Contents

128 presets for Xfer Serum
  • 26 Bass
  • 13 Leads
  • 37 Neuro
  • 20 Pads
  • 32 Synth


128 presets for Xfer Serum

After the huge success of Biomorphic for Harmor,  Toby Emerson has manually converted the presets for Xfer Serum.  Due to the similar design of Harmor & Serum, many of the presets have a similar vibe even though these are completely different synths.  Each synth still has it’s own sound however, which makes both packs unique from one another.  Biomorphic for Serum also contains 110 additional single cycle waveforms and wavetables for additional sound design options.

The future is here with sounds of Biomorphic.  This pack contains 128 presets for Xfer Serum by Toby Emerson.  These presets have been carefully crafted and sculpted with the utmost care, making sure each preset has both an impressive sound and an ease of use.  Beginners should feel right at home diving into these sounds and advanced users will appreciate the quickness of creating new sounds tailored to their tracks with just the turn of a few controls.  Many of the neuro sounds have been designed with modulation in mind and can be chained together to create more complex and interesting movements.  The bass sounds come in many forms from smooth and deep to aggressive and cutting and will fit in many styles including electro, dubstep, and funk.  Breathy and spacey pads, cutting leads, plucked synths, and chillout sounds fill up this packs diverse selection on sounds.  To top things off the FLP project file has been included for the user to study and to get ideas on how to use these sounds in productions.

The preset sounds are royalty free and can be used in any of your own commercial productions.

110 Single cycle waveforms and wavetables

1 FLP project file (for demonstrational and educational purposes only) * FL studio 12 and decent speed computer required

Requires Serum 1.053 or later.

If you own the presets for Xfer Serum you can get the Harmor presets for an additional $10 and vice versa.

All the presets have each of the 4 macro controls mapped for maximum control.

Created by Toby Emerson

Biomorphic is also available for Image-line Harmor:

Bundle both and save $20:

4 reviews for Biomorphic presets for Xfer Serum

  1. good

    for mysterious mood

    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  2. Beautiful Presets but Messy FLP

    These presets are really beautiful and well worth the $30. So if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t regret buying this pack.

    But I need to say that the FLP is extremely disorganised and really hard to make sense of . The instrument channels are mostly not named (just Serum #1, Serum #2 etc all the way up to Serum #40) and there’s no grouping, so you can’t tell which is the bass, the arp, the lead etc. Most of the patterns contain all layers (beat, bass, pads etc) and many are just called Pattern 2, Pattern 3 & so on. Most of the mixer tracks are named but none of the playlist tracks are. Most of the playlist tracks contain a mixture of MIDI patterns & automations, and the automation patterns for each channel are scattered randomly over different tracks. I was hoping I’d learn something from the master, but it’s impossible to make sense of what he’s done here.

    That said, if you take the time to sort through the mess, you’ll eventually find exactly where he’s created every growl and stab in the demo track, so it’s still useful. And the presets are really good, with macros mapped & labelled on every one. Don’t let my criticism of the FLP put you off buying the pack for the sake of the sounds, but if you’re buying it for the FLP you’ll be disappointed.

    peter.mcanena (verified owner)

  3. awesome presets

    These sounds are amazing

    thomasbrown072 (verified owner)

  4. Awesome

    These are very usefull in a lot of diffrent music genres!

    Stache Mo (verified owner)

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