Underground – Bass Music Experiments

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1 review
1 review

Underground - Bass Music Experiments (Main Demo)

Underground - Bass Music Experiments

Pack Contents

  • 120 Drum hits
  • 60 Drum loops
  • 20 Bass loops (With MIDI)
  • 20 Chord loops (With MIDI)
  • 20 Melodic loops (With MIDI)
  • 20 Songstarter loops
  • 40 Music single hits
  • 39 SFX


Origin Sound’s newest instalment Underground – Bass Music Experiments will take you deep into a new sonic realm.

Full of bopping wonky leads, trashy bass rips, and crunchy mean drums, this dilapidated collection of sounds will melt your face off. Anyone searching for forward-thinking bass music will find a fat cache of audio gold within Underground.

Digging into the pack, start your exploration by scrolling through the music loops. Experimental mind altering sounds are juxtaposed with more traditionally rooted harmonic ones, and this contrast provides for a solid mix of samples. Looking in the stacked folder, loops like ‘Bub’ are boundary pushing with their inharmonic nature, while loops like ‘Suade’ revolve around a tight chord progression. With over 60 bass, chord, and melody loops, there is a huge pool of music to dip in. As well as stacked loops that demonstrate combinations of music loops. To give the user ultimate control, we have included matching midi files for each loop.

Shifting over to the drum loops, you will discover inebriated rhythms and crushed sounds. Stepping away from traditional grooves, these beats harness unique home brewed percussion. With an astounding 20 drum loops and 40 percussion/tops loops, this folder is full of rattled rhythms.

For those who want to build from the ground up, hop into the drum hits folder and rummage through. With over a 120 eccentric sounds to choose from you will be able to construct your own stylised drum kit in no time.

Lastly, make sure not to skip over the FX folder. Containing gurgling hits, reverberant cinematic transitions, and granular glitches, this folder contains expertly crafted sound design that should not be overlooked.

Underground is a sample pack that’s completely in its own lane. Origin Sound has provided a tool to help producers break out of bass music clichés.

1 review for Underground – Bass Music Experiments

  1. Love the drums

    the beats from Origin Sound are unmatchable, displaying years and years of refinement with hiphop. The roster of BOS producers are unstoppable

    chiudion703 (verified owner)

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