Amen OG – Hip Hop Breaks

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Amen OG (Good Health Demo)

Amen OG - Hip Hop Breaks


Pack Contents

  • 75 x Loops
  • 75 x Loops with Retro Sampler Tone
  • 29 x Drum Hits
  • 29 x Drum Hits with Retro Sampler Tone
  • 12 x Tape Artifacts and Tape Noise


It’s hard to find proper old school authentic hip hop and break beat vibes and that’s exactly why Amen OG – Hip Hop Breaks was made by Michael Fraser and drummer Cary Pratt. This is not only getting that vibe from the performance, but the gear used gives it a full on tone and character that is one-of-a-kind retro flare!

Amen OG – Hip Hop Breaks is packed FULL of nostalgic heavy hitting vintage drum loops that is a pure OG Amen Brother! Both Michael and Cary have poured in countless hours, not only recording the parts, but also in research and listening to copious amounts of classic Hip Hop albums to get the exact feel and performance!

Alongside these brilliant high quality retro drums are helpful construction loops that consist of Bass, Bells, Keys, Synths, and Percussion. Each loop also comes with a version that is made with Retro Sampler Tone injected for extra grit!

Hip Hop music from the past was always a way of celebrating unity and expressing hardships. We hope these samples inspire you to create music where we can be a part of your celebration and expression of the human experience! Every drum beat and every note was crafted from recording to master with the intention of making a difference in your music, so that you can make a difference for people’s lives.

Inspired by the Amen Brother break and vintage drummers of the yesteryears! Grab this pack today!


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