AZS Organism HIVE

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AZS Organism for HIVE (main demo)

AZS Organism HIVE


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Pack Contents

  • 101 HIVE Presets
  • Modwheel assignments
  • Browser tagged


With the 1.2 update, this streamlined synth gets a huge expansion with wavetables. The inclusion of such a classic digital technology enables HIVE to reach back into time and connect us to the awesome wavetable sounds of the 80’s and 90s. With it’s filters, modulation and unison it enables us bring those sounds into a modern context.

Organism gives you 101 new presets, with a heavy emphasis on the ambient and luscious sound of unison wavetables. In fact the pads alone make up 40% of the soundbank.

All sounds have been carefully tweaked to sound good in a full mix context, and theres careful FX and modwheel assignments throughout. Take a listen to the demo and hear for yourself!


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