Beò Presents Indigo Vocals

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Beò Presents Indigo Vocals (Main Demo)

Beò Presents Indigo Vocals


Pack Contents

  • 3 Full Songs – 65 Total Samples
  • 73 Vocal Adlibs
  • 60 Spoken Word Samples
  • 36 Vocal FX
    • 10 Glitch FX
    • 6 FX Loops
    • 3 FX One Shots
    • 9 Vocal Pads
    • 8 Vocal Risers


Bring your tracks to life with this collection of deep emotive vocal samples from rising artist Beò!

Singer-songwriter, Beò, has vocals that swell with warmth, depth, emotive charm and displays excellent versatility. Her first sample pack ‘Beò Presents – Indigo Vocals’ includes 3 full songs, written in different keys and tempos and featuring a diverse selection of harmonies, doubles and effected layers broken into verses, bridge and chorus. On top of that, there is an array of spoken word samples, distinctive vocal adlibs to match each song and lastly an advantageous range of FX created from the vocal samples. This alluring collection has everything you’ll need to turn your production into an inspiring song, whilst fitting them to your own unique style.

Beò not only uses her vocals as an instrument but also tells capturing stories with each recording. Pouring her heart into each and every vocal, giving you something that will truly capture your listeners and keep them hooked. Featuring a depth of highly relatable emotions, so your audience will easily feel inspired and connect to each song. While all samples are organized carefully to be as user-friendly as possible and to keep your production experience smooth, so you can focus on the music.

London-based, Beò recently began creating music in the sync world and caught the attention of listeners alike. Beò has had an excellent start to the year with her first feature in the 2022 Paramount feature film ‘The In Between’ featuring Joey King. ‘Give You Life’ has received over 38,000 streams on Shazam and 180,000 streams on Spotify!

A voice to remember and an artist on the rise.


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