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Get amazing value with both Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions 1 and Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions 2 bundle. Featuring 27 songs, 2.4GB of material and a ton of added bonus material this pack works out to less than $3 a song of royalty free vocals to use in your own productions! Already receiving support from Tiesto, ATB, K-391 and racking up millions of views on youtube this vocal bundle is a must have for anyone looking for quality male vocals for music production.

Song Titles and Lyrics:


Song 1
This mountains never ending
Just seems so much to push through
We’ll inspire the message
We’ll press on within you
One foot before the other
One footprint at a time
One reason left to conquer
These roads in which we climb

Song 2
I’m born, I’m bred
I’m changing my direction instead
My heart, my head
My reasoning is complicated
Every little symbol
Every little sign
Tells me something different
Every single time
I can tell it’s sacred
Not for me to know
Give me what I need and I will let it go

Song 3
If only I could see the pictures in your mind
And all the shapes and colors you could see combined
Your inventions
Of good intention
Leave the viciousness behind

Song 4
If it’s silent in dismay
It won’t break this feeling down
If I conquered this my way
I’d devour, I’d surround
If it hurts you just a little
Then it heals you when it’s done
Disappointment is the anchor
Resolution is the sun

Song 5
Blanket me with warm and blinding sun, follow
Footsteps in the sand with everyone
Ocean fades our tracks away
Long forgotten where this has begun

Song 6 (compatible with song 12)
Want you to say what you mean
You get so mean when you say
You’ve broken everything
You take the feeling away
Suppose I tell everyone
Can’t wait to hear the excuse
I aim to have me some fun
I’ll bet you like the abuse

Song 7
It’s in the stories that we say
Like someone’s waiting to be told
The act encompasses the play
Watch the scenes we live unfold

Song 8
Don’t stop
Gotta get it going
Keep it moving
Won’t stop
Rhythm overflowing
Don’t stop

Song 9
I could as a million questions
That would leave me wanting more
That’s why I let you do the talking
Maybe that’s what talking’s for
I do my best to learn to listen
Seems you have so much to say
If I connect with your position
I will learn so much that way

Song 10
Sleep ‘til I come home
Dream of something sweet
I will be there soon
To wake you so discreet
Windows guide the sun
Doors invite us through
Footsteps in the sand
Paradise in you

Song 11
I breathe it in
A bit of smoke
A deep inhale
A little choke
And exhale
I can’t forget what I explore
I take my time
I smoke some more
I set sail
Cause when I feel
The most alive
I’m breaking out
From the inside
To the unknown
I set it free
I bare my soul
For all to see
And when it comes
It comes correct
It’s so much more
Than I expect
Just let it go
And take it in
It’s you and me
And it begins

Song 12 (Can be used as chorus for Song 6 in key G Maj)
Highlights in jetstreams
Lay down and you’ll see


Fill your lungs and you close your eyes
Ask the moon to return the tide
Liquid blue meets the endless sky
In between, the place for you and I
Water’s warm running down your skin
Where yours ends, and where mine begins
Where we are, the way it’s always been
Paradise… I see it in your grin

Tonight this light
Beckons me, brings me home
A place, apart
From these same streets I’ve known
Go green, stay red
Keep on changing, stay the same
I’ve seen the signs
They say so much more than names

Familiar pavement aisles
Footsteps echo, counting miles

You know it’s picking you up
Just to push you to the bottom
It gives you life in the spring
To turn to dust in the autumn
It has a terrible need to
Bleed water from a stone
The flesh is most weak when it’s
Severed from the bone

Left with nothing
Left without
I call your bluff
I call you out
And when it’s over
When it’s done
You’ll be the target
I’ll be the gun

Highlights echo in the sky
Sounds and visuals collide
Wait and watch the world go by
Breathe the air and feel alive

Carry my heart and please don’t let me take it from you
I’m just a boy with the words, but I’m without a clue
I’m not at fault
I’m just a fool
I’m just afraid that you’re
Playing it cool
Give me a sign, and in time I’ll believe it is true

This escape is a loaded gun
It’s a bullet into the sun
Shining light over everyone
Till the moon evicts another one
Burning fire elevates the night
Shadows dance in the candlelight
Smoke and mirrors tell us we’re alright
As long as the stars, they keep on shining bright

Time is on my side
But I don’t know when
The clocks, they won’t rewind
But watch, and you might find
That when the day turns into night
The shadows they fade
And when there’s none to answer to
There’s no one left to question you
This moment is ours

I would float forever, if I had my way
One more wave before I finish for the day
Liquid blue and white, so perfect in this light
Liquid blue, liquid blue, liquid blue

Setting sun approaches for it’s turn to rest
Long enough to promise all of us it’s best
Liquid blue and white, crashing through the night
Liquid blue, liquid blue, liquid blue

Hard to carry around
Without feet on the ground
Before I spread my wings
Say farewell to this town

City skyline on fire
Street lights shine with desire
Wind blows against my skin
Currents pushing me higher

And if we all just float away
So far from where we came from
To find a new angelic place
All our mistakes are undone
A new beginning without end
A new release without pain
Would we repeat our faults once more?
Would we not know how to change?

You’ll see the difference now
If we change it, you’ll know how
Nothing ever stays the same
Once you let it, let it change
It’s like a family tree
Part of you and part of me
And if we should separate
Go your own way, I won’t wait

You are too good to be cruel
I play the part of the fool
When we should break all these ties
You won’t see tears in these eyes

All the light that we consume
The neon signs, the falling moon
Electric yellow and maroon
It penetrates, it makes us swoon

Colours grow and come alive
Into our veins, into our eyes
Millions marching in disguise
In the city of sin, it’s no surprise

A million faces, they’re looking at you
A sea of bright eyes, of hazel and blue
And when you join them, and open your heart
A pure connection cannot come apart

It makes no difference how each of us came
The destination is always the same
Anticipation has carried us here
We live the dream now, the rest disappears

Stairs upon the temple, I climb and I crawl and
Wonder how much further I’ll go
Feet that fall apart till I walk on my ankles
Can I finish? I just don’t know
People travel millions of miles just to see it
But they never conquer this way
I can tell them the greatest gains have conditions
But they’re to far to hear what I say

I would stay if I had the time
But it ain’t yours, babe, and it ain’t mine
I put my pants on one leg at a time
I’m out the door and I leave no sign
‘Cause the seasons come and the seasons go
Just like the lovers that you used to know
The way you’d hold me down, it tells me so
But the leaves are gone, and it’s time for snow

I don’t see this working out
This can’t be what I’m about
I just got to speak the truth
There’s no chance for me and you

We could make the choice
To give in to the juvenescent voice
And if all goes well we coincide
A union of the blind leading the blind

It’s my coat of arms
That holds me here and helps me to disarm
Without reason, ’cause reasoning is gone
And all we had was needed all along

A caption in a lifetime, a moment of timeline
Is all that we are
A feeling of elation, a floating sensation
A forming of stars