Deep Pads & Textures by Blackwarp

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Ambient, Downtempo & Chill Share This: 

Deep Pads & Textures by Blackwarp (Main Demo)

Deep Pads & Textures by Blackwarp

Pack Contents

  • 10 Xfer Serum Presets
  • 120 Drone Loops
  • 60 Melody Loops
  • 100 Pad Loops
  • 90 Rhythm Loops
  • 90 Texture Loops


Blackwarp is back but this time with something different!

Welcome to Deep Pads & Textures Vol 1 by Blackwarp. A journey into the abyss of sound design and emotive samples! Inside you will find a whole universe of Drones, Loops, Pads, Textures, Rhythms, and Serum Presets!

Pads play a huge role in making a song have the emotional embrace that you seek. Lay under the drum grooves or main hook, and immediately bring the listener into your vision more-than-ever! Alongside bringing new attitude or feeling into your song, you can also grab entire melodic sounds in this library, which blend perfectly with the textures and rhythms. Its a gateway into a whole new creative control and Blackwarp takes it even farther into this realm with the Serum Presets; providing you with 100% original starting blueprints to create your own sounds!

Sound designers, producers, and music composures of any and all genres can all benefit from this top shelf pack. It’s a no brainer addition to everyone’s arsenal!

Grab Blackwarp’s Deep Pads & Textures Vol 1 and take your new song into new heights!


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