Drums Through the Eras by Influx Studios

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Drums Through the Eras by Influx Studios (Main Demo)

Drums Through the Eras by Influx Studios

Pack Contents

  • 1913 Total Sounds
  • 797 Drum Fills
  • 480 Drum Loops
  • 636 One Shots
    • 80 Crashes & Rides
    • 3 FX
    • 69 HiHats
    • 25 Kicks
    • 64 Percussion
    • 40 Riser/Cymbals
    • 304 Snares
    • 51 Toms


Black Octopus Sound is proud to present Influx Studios’ new pack; Drums Through The Eras! Recorded at the multiplatinum studio in Bern Switzerland, with all analog equipment and an acoustic drum set, this pack is a must have for all styles and eras of music needing a live drummer on demand.

Drums Through The Eras is the first of its kind, with each kit made to be adaptable in genres looking for LoFi, Motown (50s), 70s, 80s, and Modern styled drums. This multi-genre pack has been made using the exact equipment and techniques unique to each era to make each sample and loop authentic and timeless. It’s one kit spread over 60 years of style!

Having access to such a huge range of genres means that your creative flow is in no way restricted, but instead fully opened up! With over 2 gigs and almost 2000 samples to choose from, it is fuelled with unlimited ways to implement the drums into any of your tracks.

Inside the pack are samples from each individual part of the drum kit recorded as one-shots and with velocity sensitive hits.
This enables you to use the sounds individually to add flavour to a current project, or as a full acoustic drum set to start building your track foundations. There is an abundance of impacting drum fills (as loops), perfect for adding transition and impact, grabbing attention and building excitement in your tracks (especially before the drops or next section of the songs arrangement). Also included are punchy drums loops which add organic layers and warmth to standard electronic drums and kits. Its endless!

⦁ 50s: Vintage and full on 50s saturation style.
⦁ 70s: Think as if Led Zeppelin stepped into your studio.
⦁ 80s: retro-inspired and oh-so-Synthwave.
⦁ LoFi: nostalgic, melodic, but modern.
⦁ MoHeavy: Heavy vibes (Motown made Heavy)
⦁ Motown: timeless, vintage-inspired, and with the infamous 3 mic setup.
⦁ Modern: crisp, tight, punchy and clean. Allowing you to add your own depth of processing.

All sounds are ready for action as soon as the download is done, then you can pick which ones to use first out of the massive 2GB of insane options! With impeccable organization, key and tempo labeling, these samples will drop seamlessly into your workflow and any DAW so you can focus on the music and stay inspired. Choose your era and get started today!

DEMO CONTAINS SOUNDS FROM OTHER BLACK OCTOPUS SOUND PACKS. THIS IS A DRUM ONLY SAMPLE PACK. Guitars are from upcoming pack “Guitars Through the Eras” by Influx Studios.


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