Dubstep Domination by Futuretone

Label: Black Octopus Sound, Futuretone Genre: Dubstep Share This: 

Dubstep Domination by Futuretone (Main Demo)

Dubstep Domination by Futuretone


Pack Contents

  • 507 Total Samples
  • 500 MB of Content
  • 162 Drum One Shots
    • 37 Kicks
    • 29 Snares
    • 20 Closed Hi Hats
    • 20 Open Hi Hats
    • 19 Rides
    • 19 Crash Cymbals
    • 18 Claps
  • 70 Drum Loops
    • 20 Full Drum Loops
    • 20 Kick Snare Loops
    • 20 Top Loops
    • 10 Drum Build Loops
  • 90 Bass Loops
  • 88 Bass One Shots
  • 79 FX One Shots
    • 25 Fallers
    • 20 Risers
    • 15 Sweeps
    • 14 Impacts
    • 5 Textures
  • 5 Texture Loops
  • 13 Synth Loops


Prepare to reign supreme in the dubstep domain with ‘Dubstep Domination’ by Futuretone – where basslines rule, drums conquer all, and the soundwaves bow to your sonic supremacy! Unleash the power of over 500 meticulously crafted samples with this arsenal of drums, basses, synth loops, and FX one-shots.

Drums: Get ready to unleash a relentless barrage of thunderous beats with this colossal selection of drum one-shots and loops! The one-shots give you total control over your rhythm with earth-shaking kicks to razor-sharp snares, Claps, Rides, Crashes, and intricate hi-hats. The loops are meticulously engineered, with fulls, kick snares, tops, and build up loops, providing the perfect foundation for your tracks.

Bass: These bass sounds are like a sub-frequency monster that is ready to tear through your speakers. From deep, wobbly growls to metallic screeches and everything in between, these bass loops and one-shots are ready to inject seismic energy into your tracks.

FX: These FX are designed to create tension with risers, build atmosphere with sweeps, and add otherworldly textures to your music. From cinematic fallers to dystopian impacts, the FX one-shots in “Dubstep Domination” will give your music an immersive, larger-than-life feel.

With “Dubstep Domination” by Futuretone, you’ll be equipped to devastate dancefloors, so turn up the bass, ignite your creativity, and unleash dubstep madness like never before!


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