EastWest Goliath

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Goliath combines many of EastWest’s best sampled instruments in one library, with the express purpose of giving you unlimited creative flexibility without switching libraries. This is an excellent fit for media composers, songwriters, and producers who need a quick grab-bag of quality instruments all in one place. You get access to instruments from a variety of other EastWest libraries, but even where there is overlap with your existing collection, it becomes even easier to use some of your favorite instruments (and layer in many new ones).


From world classics like congas, taikos and Tibetan Bells to studio kits for funk, jazz, rock, and EDM, you’ll find a collection of percussion that covers nearly every genre and style you write.


Fender, Les Paul, nylon, blues, jazz, and ska guitars, with a mandolin and ukulele. Virtually all genres from classical to reggae and even classic rock are covered in this collection, making this your full Swiss Army knife for guitar libraries.


This collection puts many classic bass models at your fingertips, including a Fender 5 string, 72 Rickenbacker, and 66 Silvertone (as well as an upright bass). This is the largest grab bag of quality basses you’ll ever need.


Every major keyboard instrument: grands, electric, clavinet, organs, celeste, harpsichord, and a host of other options come together into a single collection. This will be an invaluable companion when you have a keyboard-heavy song or you simply need to try out a bunch of instruments before committing to one.


Trumpets, saxes, trombones and other horns ideal for soul and funk melodies, chords and punches. Layer them on top of one another to add extra realism and thicken up your melody lines.


If you don’t have a full virtual orchestral ensemble in your arsenal, this collection will plug all the holes and give you the essentials you need to create convincing mockups of nearly any piece you write.


In addition to the standard Soprano Alto Tenor Bass arrangement, this collection provides men’s, women’s, and boys choirs that can easily support all of your large-scale vocal needs.


A thorough sampling of EastWest’s most coveted world instruments from Europe, East Asia, India and the Middle East, you get a reliable collection of tools that can evoke images of nearly any nation around the world.


Everything that doesn’t neatly fit into another category here: New Age ensembles, dark atmospheres, and synth pads, leads and basses. Whether you’re writing hybrid orchestral scores, EDM or ambient music, this collection extends your arsenal into virtually any genre.

If you’re looking for sheer size and a nearly unlimited range of uses, Goliath opens up a world of creative doors that no other library can–because very few boast so many different instruments in one. If you’re an eclectic writer and need quick access to a lot of instruments that support different styles, an ambitious songwriter that wants to dive far deeper into orchestration, or a media composer whose job requires a wide range of tools at arm’s length, Goliath is an easy choice that will serve you for years to come.


Below are the minimum and recommended hardware and software specifications for using Opus on Windows and MacOS systems.


  • CPU: Quad-core (four cores), running at 2.7 GHz (or above)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • OS: macOS 10.13 (or later); Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
  • Drive: HDD (7200 rpm, non-energy saving)


  • CPU: Octa-core (eight cores), running at 2.7 GHz (or above)
  • RAM: 32 GB or more
  • OS: macOS 10.13 (or later); Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
  • Drive: SSD (SATA or PCIe)


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