EDM Midi Weapons Bundle

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Welcome to the mighty EDM MIDI WEAPONS Bundle by Resonance Sound.

Your chance to get 300 superb MIDI files for EDM, Electro & Progressive House and Trance ñ a massive arsenal of inspiration and ready-to-use melodies with basses, leads, chord progressions, plucks and pad melodies.

MIDI offers the ultimate freedom to choose your own synth sounds, change the key of the loop, edit the length, velocity, notation, tempo and much more. You get the opportunity to personalize these great loops and make them unique to your own style.

All MIDI files are compatible with all major DAWs. Fire up your favorite synths and drop the midi files into your DAW for instant inspiration!

All royalty free files are key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier and properly sorted.

Whats Inside:

EDM MIDI Weapons 1.0

Sometimes the most striking weapons are just too tiny to be seen: EDM MIDI Weapons 1.0 delivers very few kilobytes of data, but at the same time a huge armory of 100 MIDIs covering everything from arps to basses, leads, chords or pads ñ simply the perfect starting point for your next EDM production! No matter whether you’re looking for a tiny little background arpeggio, some hammering straight bass line, rich and harmonic pads or some plucked rhythm, it’s just too simple and inspiring to throw one of these MIDIs of Resonance Sound at your synthesizer of choice and watch it enjoy some fresh bits’n’bytes!

MIDI content in detail:
15 Arpeggios, 10 Basses, 25 Chords, 32 Leads, 8 Pads, 10 Plucks

EDM MIDI Weapons 2.0

How about composing that next edm hit single of yours, alongside exploring your new musical toy? Resonance Sound got ready just in time to provide you with the successor of the highly demanded MIDI Weapons series: EDM MIDI Weapons 2.0!
This superb package is serious about getting some instant groove, inspiring lead themes, thrilling plucks and bass lines or sweet pad sound out of any synthesizer you can imagine! Royalty-free, properly sorted and labeled you’re ready to go with 100 MIDI files perfectly suitable for the dance floor. Get on with it and create your next electro & progressive house club smasher!

MIDI content in detail:
10 Arpeggios, 9 Basses, 17 Chords, 46 Leads, 8 Pads, 10 Plucks

EDM MIDI Weapons 3.0

Breaking news for all lovers of guns and ammo: Mr. Sly Stallone himself stopped by, said he had some weapons to expend, and left us with awesome MIDI weapons, more specifically EDM MIDI Weapons 3. Perfect for guaranteed destruction of all dance floors, this one supplies you with the latest inspiration for bass lines, hooks and much more to craft the next hit.

MIDI content in detail: 20 Arpeggios, 5 Basses, 26 Chords, 39 Leads, 3 Pads, 7 Plucks

300 MIDI Files Content
suitable for EDM, Electro House, Progressive House, Trance

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