El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks

Label: Basement Freaks, Black Octopus Sound Genre: Drum Samples, Tropical, World Share This: 
1 review
1 review

El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks (Main Demo)

El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks


Pack Contents

  • 119 Fills (Bongo, Caja, Conga & more!)
  • 516 Loops (Bata, Bongo, KriKri, Guiro & more!)
  • 251 One Shots (Agogo, Bata, KriKri, Cowbell, Timpales & more!)


Percussion is an element of a song that every single genre can take advantage of using. Whether it’s grooves, additional hits, or just fills, percussion is a must-have! Basement Freaks knows percussion front to back and he has just dropped a BOMB of a sample pack!

Welcome to El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks. This library is nearly 1.5gigs of content with percussion loops, one shots, fills, music loops, shakers, and percussion from all areas of the globe.

For those that know percussion they will be happy to find the following types inside: Bata, Bombo, Bongos, Caja, Cajon, Conga, Cowbells and Clavs, Crass, Guiro, KriKri, Metal Bongos, Sese, Shakers and Timpales. Basement Freaks even took full combinations and made those into loops for you, too! Alongside all of these percussion types are Music Loops such as Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Trumpets, and much more.

All instruments are recorded hands-on and performed by Kosta Kopanaris, a professional percussionist and educator in London UK.

You will stay inspired for years to come!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s find that groove with El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks!

1 review for El Barrio Orchestra by Basement Freaks

  1. Latin percussion that is just right

    I’ve been looking for good professional Afro-Cuban percussion but the demos of other packs I’ve looked at just didn’t give me the vibes I was looking for. They were usually too “in your face”. El Barrio Orchestra really does feel like loops that can stay in the background while still taking control of the beat at the same time. Wonderful!

    maxwaremuzik (verified owner)

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