GForce Everything Bundle

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Dive into the sonic universe of classic synths with the GForce Everything Bundle, an all-encompassing collection that brings the most iconic analogue sounds into your studio. This powerhouse bundle includes industry favourites like the intricate Oddity3, the lush Virtual String Machine IV, the evocative M-Tron Pro IV and the profound Minimonsta2, alongside the detailed Oberheim OB-X, the textural impOSCar3 and the versatile Axxess.

Each instrument in the bundle is meticulously crafted to replicate the authentic analogue experience, enhanced with modern functionalities like X-Modifier technology, scalable interfaces, vast preset libraries and unique sound quality.

Whether crafting retro-flavoured hits or pioneering new soundscapes, the GForce Everything Bundle is your gateway to unprecedented musical creativity. Perfect for musicianscomposersproducers, and sound designers seeking the ultimate toolkit for vintage vibes and contemporary sonic exploration.


Contains ALL currently available products from GForce Software

  • Synths: OB-X, OB-E, OB-EZ, SEM, Minimonsta2, Oddity3, impOSCar3, & Axxess
  • Drum Machine: Oberheim DMX
  • Instruments: M-Tron Pro IV, MkII, & VSM IV
  • All M-Tron Pro Expansion Packs
  • All Preset Packs
  • Over 11920 patches
  • Total value of £1956.92 (+VAT where applicable).


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