Lofi Acoustic Drums by AK & Joern Peeck

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Lofi Acoustic Drums by AK & Joern Peeck (Main Demo)

Lofi Acoustic Drums by AK & Joern Peeck

Pack Contents

  • 12 Atmospheres
  • 33 Chopped Loops
  • 14 Compressed Loops
  • 29 Mangled Loops
  • 12 Modular Loops
  • 95 Original Loops


AK is back, and this time he has teamed up with Joern Peeck to bring you Lofi Acoustic Drums! This library is a blazing hot stack of Loops and Atmospheres to give you exactly the vibe you are searching for. Inside you will find Chopped, Compressed, Mangled, Modular and Original loops; all which take the drum loops and mutate them to become something unique and different for each and every style. This allows you to approach your songs in a whole new way, by bringing a new flavor of drum loop into your DAW each time.

Alongside all of these various high quality drum loops for that Lofi touch are Atmospheres. The Atmospheres add a new emotion and twist to the grooves. Make it spooky with horror sounds, epic with sparkles, or downright mystical with foggy textures and soundscapes. Create a world of your own with the combination of these Lofi Atmospheres and Drums, or  use any of AK’s other packs to really shine with experimental style!

So what are you waiting for? Get gritty and abstract with Lofi Drums by AK & Joern Peeck today!

** Please Note: Kick one-shots and melodic content in demo are not included in the pack. This is a loop pack only. The kicks you hear in the demo are from Ambient Selection Vol. 2 by AK & Tim Schaufert.


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