Macrosurfing – 200 Serum Wavetables by Psymbionic

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41 reviews
41 reviews

Macrosurfing - Audio Demo

Macrosurfing - 200 Serum Wavetables by Psymbionic


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Pack Contents

  • 10 AM Tables
  • 67 Digital Tables
  • 4 Drum Tables
  • 48 FM Tables
  • 21 Real Instrument Tables
  • 22 Reese Tables
  • 28 Spectral Tables


Psymbionic delivers a selection of wavetables custom created to be immediately utilized in your own unique sound design experiments. Included in this pack are 200 complex 256-frame tables, all of which have been processed for use in a multitude of electronic music genres such as leftfield dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, and more. Highly useful in their raw form, they spawn from a variety of sources including resampling from real instruments and intricate synth patches or otherwise constructing from scratch using trigonometric algorithms. Beyond their use in Xfer Records’ “Serum” synthesizer, these are instantly importable to Kilohearts’ “Phase Plant”, Ableton’s “Wavetable”, and most any other wavetable synth.


  • 10 AM Tables
  • 67 Digital Tables
  • 4 Drum Tables
  • 48 FM Tables
  • 21 Real Instrument Tables
  • 22 Reese Tables
  • 28 Spectral Tables

41 reviews for Macrosurfing – 200 Serum Wavetables by Psymbionic

  1. LaCo1302


    Ladislav Sklenář (verified owner)

  2. good


    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  3. Very Good *****

    Very Good Wavetables For Sound Design

    Lloyd (verified owner)

  4. pre good

    will i get a virus?

    wyatt woods (verified owner)

  5. Sambianorune NewSlatdahdeiSan

    by the pitch it was perfect experiment for my unimous build oh sayi that cun traets\Me like nickeloudous is not over fukC deUK with the mic and burn dicKs Le tromp vocoder huouse uses time burn too i will try it in the lab/Xhf she makes abius orbital effect s in massive go tras[parent disappear oh so hu the dA is Lusting for the judge to go in on this onee DE Fe ecx mike n no i do not use serum wavbetables yet but will explore so ionno noly noonly prest bitch i’ee./ie dayi caill mme my name esi x bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch– free vocal wave su/cki ei it hietght high n gone french worm — thrash it it nthe snow one worm vs 200? what r da chances on a sentence– lie c licee in snow will eat worm fren alive and tenderize it for furtheur consumption deta ena destruction in a navy seals navel and thried eyiie- eye thanks- Margretmidnight DJFXRectal DEfecT

    margretmidnight (verified owner)

  6. put these on marimba/kalimba tones

    octave & semis up, and its now a acoustic instrument. no more dubstep sound d

    chiudion703 (verified owner)

  7. Macrosurfing - 200 Serum Wavetables by Psymbionic

    great sets of wavetables

    Neakeba (verified owner)

  8. Awesome!!

    Thank you for this wavetables !!

    grak199alxndr (verified owner)

  9. Great Stuff

    Especially the reese tables are fun to play with, Im gonna create lots of basslines out of those.

    ondrej.kral (verified owner)

  10. Review "Macrosurfing - 200 Serum Wavetables by Psymbionic" to get 50 reward points!

    Review “Macrosurfing – 200 Serum Wavetables by Psymbionic” to get 50 reward points! ACCEPTED

    artpad2019 (verified owner)

  11. Cool


    Richard Wallace (verified owner)

  12. Nice

    A vide variety of sounds

    Ayush Sharma (verified owner)

  13. Excellent!

    Great wavetables! Really nice stuff!

    howardhathaway (verified owner)

  14. Choices, Choices

    Offers many choices of wavetables! The guitar wavetables can be cool to use with modulation of the wavetable position.

    synchrothirtyfour (verified owner)

  15. Fantastic

    Awesome free wavetables. Great thanks!

    JIANPENG CHEN (verified owner)

  16. Great Wavetables!

    It’s hard to believe these are actually free. 🙂

    Glen (verified owner)

  17. Super dope for cinematic sound effects and such!

    I think this is going to be great and will work to write scores for movies to make the sound effects but no only that but making the sound of logos for TV/News & Post Production companies AND it was free!! Idk if it’s always free or if it used my points but either way props guys ty!

    Kaleo Napeahi (verified owner)

  18. Great wavetables

    These wavetables work also with other wavetable capable synths 😉 feed them!

    gimmebase (verified owner)

  19. Great For Iris 2

    I don’t have Serum but I’m using these in Iris 2 and making some pretty unique sounds. Great especially considering its free.

    Dan Zod (verified owner)

  20. Awesome pack!

    Very intuitive and gives you a tremendous amount of inspiration. I can play around with these for hours and not get bored at all

    shepherd.chris23 (verified owner)

  21. Awesome waves!

    Great Serum sounds to use & swap out to freshen up any kind of edm mix, great source material!!

    Max Trone (verified owner)

  22. Great!

    Great liblary to mess with sound design 🙂 !

    marcin.sawicki88 (verified owner)

  23. Organic


    Mista_Chrish (verified owner)

  24. So Cool!


    cameron.long087 (verified owner)

  25. So Cool!

    cool have used so much already!

    Joe Long (verified owner)

  26. wavwav

    bhoarding wavetables is my passion

    Nguyễn Đức (verified owner)

  27. cool

    dont even have serum. just writing this review for the reward points. but hey, im sure this is great stuff

    D (verified owner)

  28. <3

    Thnaks, best pack contents

    rastanikita (verified owner)

  29. free party is allways a blast

    crunchyyy free party

    vinilobo1 (verified owner)

  30. Free

    Thx! 🙂

    Marc Wojtkowiak (verified owner)

  31. Great sounds

    Great sounds

    Justin Rand (verified owner)

  32. Amazing wavetables

    Some real sick wavetables here, great stuff!

    Sam Zhang (verified owner)

  33. it's good

    i like the sounds

    rem3die (verified owner)

  34. Psymbionic

    amazing sound pack

    paul72586 (verified owner)

  35. Awesome wavetables

    Versatile and very useful! Thanks BOS

    samzhanglmms (verified owner)

  36. Nice wavetable addition for serious sound design

    Used with Ableton Live “Wavetable”, No overlaps with “Stay at Home” and “Stay Creative” free wavetable content. I’ve not actually purchased, as was a freebie. And a good one!

    alacantec (verified owner)

  37. Thank you

    I twisted the sounds with these tables, I like the result. Thank you)

    maxi.tulyakov (verified owner)

  38. Great for FREE

    Can’t beat free – Very usefull

    Luc Andre Paquette (verified owner)

  39. Good

    Nice wavetables

    Abhijeet R. (verified owner)

  40. It's OK

    It’s OK. The problem with it is that lot of those wavetables are unstable and fluttering.

    Arseniy Shklyaev (verified owner)

  41. Received a ds_store file

    I received a ds_store file that I cant open, and apparently its a mac file, I might’ve missed something but it doesn’t specify whether its for windows or MAC.

    Alan Arroyo (verified owner)

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