Messinian – Roughneck Vocals

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2 reviews

2 reviews

Messinian presents Roughneck (Main Demo)

Messinian - Roughneck Vocals


Pack Contents

  • 308 Total Contents
  • 217 Vocal Loops
  • 25 Serum Presets
  • 20 Bass One Shots
  • 10 Hihat One Shots
  • 10 Kick One Shots
  • 10 Snare One Shots
  • 6 Bass Loops
  • 5 Crash One Shots
  • 5 FX Impacts


What do Dieselboy, KJ Sawka, Architekt, Arius, Ill Gates, Figure, Reid Speed, Antiserum, 12th Planet, Evol Intent and Protohype have in common? They are all industry legends that agree ‘Messinian Roughneck Vocals’ is a must have pack!

With his unmistakable yet ruthless vocal tones, Messinian’s voice will get heads turning and labels listening with his stand out pack. Featuring huge crowd-hyping vocal loops that will take your tracks to the next level and give you the fuel to turn your drops into fire.

This epic collection of vocal loops has been lyric and tempo labelled and all sitting at a very healthy 140bpm and these loops can easily be pitched and tempo matched to your will and will suit a variety of heavy bass genres. On top of this is a tasty selection of drum hits, bass loops, FX impacts and bass one-shots all begging to be featured in your next big bass drop. Lastly is a solid unit of Serum presets, featuring an array of face-melting bass presets and some heavy Lead, Pad and Synth preset to match. Giving you even more filth-inspiring sounds to work with on your next quest for bass perfection.

Messinian is no stranger to the EDM world, with massive releases with renowned artists such as Excision, Dodge & Fuski, Barely Alive, Riot Ten and many more! His epic backlog of releases is filled with his hard-hitting distinct vocals, that can transform any filthy bass drop thrown his way into gold. Turning instrumentals into hits with powerful and catchy vocal lines, whilst hyping up the crowd with his stand-out MC skills, is not Messinian only skills. He’s proven himself as a producer as well, giving him the full range of tools to provide you with the flawless, production-ready vocals that are found inside this pack.

Still need more to convince you to get this pack? We gave some heavy hitters in the bass scene a sneak peak at ‘Messinian Roughneck Vocals’ and here’s their opinions!

ILL Gates – “The right vocal can take your track from good to GREAT and in my opinion there is no one better than Messinian. The man’s discography speaks for itself. When you need the very best of the best look no further than Messinian. I know it. You know it. Your fans know it! Just buy this pack. Don’t be an idiot.”

Reid Speed – “Messinian is one of the defining voices of North American Drum & Bass and Heavy Bass music. His unique tone commands attention both live and on record, and he’s worked alongside the very best DJs and producers for decades! Now here’s your chance to make use of his unique sonic flavors to take your own songs to that ultra-professional level!”

Architekt – Messinian’s vocal presence on a track of any genres is both commanding and vividly story telling. his ability to morph his voice to match energy, flow and sound design is unparalleled in the world. Easily My first choice for vocals on any heavy dance music record. This pack will elevate any one’s production game instantly, as his vocals often give meaning and intention behind music. He is truly an mc god amongst men. I’ll be using this pack for certain.

Antiserum – “I’ve Known Messinian for about 15 years now. We have released multiple records. He is one of the easiest people to work with and is so consistent and quick in the studio. Not only is he a beast in the studio, but on stage! His energy, skills, and experience are top tier. His overall vibe as a human is very standout and special as well. Anytime you encounter Messinian you know you are going to have a good time and be inspired as hell! Get this!”

Arius – ” Messinian, one of the best vocalist of all time, he brings originality, raw, and gangsta!! The lyrics are always fresh and delivered in such a unique way that you can tell it’s Messinian!”

Protohype – “Messinian remains at the top of the list of iconic bass music voices. Anyone who grabs this pack will have access to vocals that will take their track to the next level!”

Dieselboy – “Messinian’s outreach into the dance music community is nothing short of amazing. A pivotal figure in the drum and bass scene since the 90s, James has gone on to become the most sampled MC in the dubstep community earning him the title of “the voice of dubstep” and has been a part of countless projects and collaborations throughout the many genres of EDM. A total professional and one of the most humble dudes on the planet, James is an artist in the truest sense and in a word…LEGENDARY.”

KJ Sawka – “This pack is DOPE! Messinian always drops the HEAT!

Figure – ” Messinian’s vocal tone and cadence have always been my favorite! They sit so well in the mix on these heavy bass tracks… Not to mention he is a incredible lyricist and performer … this pack is FIRE. Holy Shit!”

12th Planet – “Messinian is one of the hardest working men in show business. It has been my absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with him for the past 2 decades. He has a chameleon like voice and can give you a wide range of personalities with his vocals. He is an absolute beast!”

Evol Intent – “Messinian is a legend in the Bass Music scene, and you’ve heard his vocals everywhere in virtually every bass music genre. Definitely worth getting this pack for your productions!”

Now you have full confidence that “Messinian – Roughneck Vocals” is a must-have pack to add to your sample arsenal, don’t miss out whilst it’s hot. Add some vocal fire to your production with this mammoth of a pack NOW!

* Bonus Music and Drum Content made by The Lions Den

2 reviews for Messinian – Roughneck Vocals

  1. Heavy vocals great for dubstep

    Aggressive vocals to spice up your bass music tracks

    samzhanglmms (verified owner)

  2. So Worth It!

    I’ve barely scratched the surface and I love it. Bought it maybe a week before the sale, but still worth it.

    Hyde Rainja (verified owner)

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