OB-6 Analog Sweeps feat Culture Vulture

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1 review

1 review

OB-6 Analog Sweeps - Demo

OB-6 Analog Sweeps feat Culture Vulture


Pack Contents

  • 3500+ Sounds
  • 327 Analog Sweeps
  • 10 Culture Vulture Distortion Variations of each sweep
  • 36 Bonus Atmospheres
  • Produced by Diamaudix Audio


OB-6 Analog sweeps is the first pack in a series that celebrates the modern day classic OB-6 analog synthesizer built by legendary synth designer Dave Smith. There is a special warmth and organic quality that comes from an analog synthesizer – instead of ones and zeros used to create exact and precise sounds, voltages are used to generate the sounds. This way of sound creation creates non-linearities and subtle unstableness to the sound which can really make the sounds feel alive. This pack fully dives into the sonic possibilities of the OB-6 and its filter with over 3500 sounds  (327 original and hand sculpted sweeps, each run through 10 distortion variations through the iconic Culture Vulture to create new harmonics, overtones, and brand new sounding sweeps). The characteristics range from dark, evil, to spacey and sci-fi.  As a bonus, 36 additional huge atmospheric sounds have been added which can work as background ambient textures or long evolving sweeps.

If you want to take advantage of the depth and warmth of a boutique analog synthesizer but don’t want to break the bank, this pack is a great entryway to obtain that palette of sounds. The sweeps will feel right at home in soundtrack scores, techno, deep house, & EDM tracks (try and sidechain on these for some really magical results), downtempo, and many other genres.

Download Size: 6GB

Please note this is a very large download.  We recommend using a browser such as Firefox when downloading that allows download resuming.  Download available as 1 part or 4 separate parts.

Produced by Diamaudix Audio

1 review for OB-6 Analog Sweeps feat Culture Vulture

  1. Good for Sound Design & Other Genres.

    Lloyd (verified owner)

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