Oberheim OB-1

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It’s incredible that the hardware Oberheim OB-1 has remained under the radar for so long. With the GForce OB-1 emulation, designed in collaboration with Oberheim, we’re bringing this classic synth to the fore. The GForce Oberheim OB-1 broadens the Oberheim sound palette in ways that we believe will see it become a big favourite among techno and electro producers and underground artists, as well as composers for its character and anyone cherishing vintage analogue tones.

Its richaggressive sound and expansive feature set make it an essential hustler.


The GForce Oberheim OB-1 delivers a sound as full and robust as the legendary Minimoog® yet as aggressive and snarling as the  MS-20®. It strikes the perfect balance between these two icons, making it an incredibly versatile tool in any producer’s arsenal.

Whether you’re conjuring deep bass lines or soaring leads or looking for something a little extra special, the Oberheim OB-1 is your ultimate ally in the studio.

Join the rebellion against mundane sounds and bring balance to your music with the timeless strength of the OB-1. Let the OB-1 guide your sonic journey like a true master.


The GForce Oberheim OB-1 emulation has been richly enhanced to bring the best of both worlds—vintage charm aligned with modern possibilities. Here are the key enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Signal Path: The OB-1 retains the authentic, rich tones of the original while benefiting from a new waveform alongside waveshape modulation, discreet level for the oscillators, sub and noiseLFO sync & retrig, Envelope looping, discreet key tracking, cross-mod, pan spread and more.
  2. Polyphony up to 16 Voices and Unison: Unlike the monophonic original, we’ve added polyphony and mono unison.
  3. X-Modifier: Unlocks unparalleled creative possibilities by enabling direct modulation of most parameters, transforming your sonic landscape with ease.
  4. High Pass Filter: This addition allows for more precise control over the frequency spectrum, enabling cleaner mixes and more intricate sound design.
  5. Chorus, Delay, and Reverb Effects: Integrated effects expand the sonic palette, allowing for lush, atmospheric, and dynamic soundscapes.
  6. Four Versatile Macros: These provide real-time control over key parameters, enhancing expressive performance and sound customization. Macro4 can be modulated by the sequencer. This can get very creative.
  7. Built-in Arpeggiator and Sequencer: These tools make it easy to create dynamic rhythmic and melodic patterns, adding depth and complexity to your music. The sequencer features individual step length and probability, as well as a track dedicated to sequencing Macro4.
  8. Advanced Patch Browser: Quickly find and customize the perfect sound from a vast preset library, streamlining the creative process.

These enhancements ensure that our Oberheim OB-1 is not just a nostalgic homage but a powerful and versatile musical instrument.


The hardware Oberheim OB-1 holds a special place in the history of synthesizers. Launched in 1978, it was the world’s first programmable monophonic synthesizer. Designed by Tom Oberheim, this revolutionary instrument brought the power of preset memory to the world of analogue synthesis, allowing musicians to store and recall their unique sounds with relative ease.

Despite its groundbreaking features and historical significance, the OB-1 has remained somewhat under the radar compared to other classic synthesizers like the Minimoog.

However, those who have experienced its capabilities know that the OB-1 is a true gem.


Using our unique X-Modifier technology, the scope of sound modulation possibilities is immense. The intuitive X-LFO and X-ADSR section enables you to work faster without having to set up modulation paths; they’re already set up for you. X-Mods provide you with the ability to create extensive modulations of almost every parameter, allowing you to create hugely complex, yet musical, sounds. So, while the tone and character at the heart of the synth remain authentic to the original, the additional features turn it into a true sonic canvas.


The GForce Oberheim OB-1, with its fully resizable UI,  powerful  Preset Browser, and over 300 brand-new production-ready presets from top-level sound designers, is fully ready to inspire your future musical ideas.

Oberheim OB-1 features the aforementioned preset browser, giving you the power to organise your sounds in a way that suits your workflow. With extensive tagging, sorting and search possibilities, it’s quick and easy to find the presets you want. We’ve enlisted an array of diverse sound designers and artists including ZardonicAn On a Blast, Alex JannJogging HouseLightbathPolydataPlug HuggerGEOsynthJordan PassmorePaul K HurstRichard Veenstra and Ramon Kerstens (K/V)KoryuBoudicca Bass ServiceDave SpiersGraeme Rawson and more. The patches span from edgy and modern to passionately classic, featuring many recreations you’d expect from GForce.


  • An authentic-sounding emulation of the 1978 Oberheim OB-1
  • Developed in collaboration with Oberheim
  • Unique 2-pole or 4-pole with screeching resonance
  • Unique Waveshaping possibilities
  • Augmented with vast modulation options via X-Modifiers
  • Fully-scalable UI
  • Note Pan Modes
  • Over 300 presets
  • Powerful Preset Browser
  • High-Pass FilterChorusDelay and Reverb effects
  • Four programmable Macros for easy manipulation of sounds
  • Arpeggiator and Sequencer including macro4 automation
  • Mono UnisonLegato and Poly Modes, up to 16 voices
  • Programmable Velocity Responses and Poly Aftertouch



Oberheim OB-1 is a virtual instrument in the following formats:

  • Intel & Apple Silicon Native.
  • Standalone Application
  • AudioUnit
  • AAX
  • VST2
  • VST3

The Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

  • Intel or Apple Silicon Mac
  • macOS 10.13 or above


Oberheim OB-1 is a virtual instrument in the following formats:

  • Standalone Application
  • VST
  • VST3
  • AAX

The Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

  • 2GHz CPU with 2GB RAM
  • Windows 7 and above


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