Old School Techstep

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Old School Techstep (Main Demo)

Old School Techstep


Pack Contents

  • 1.15GB of Content
  • 554 Total Samples
  • 159 Drum Loops
    • 70 Top Loops
    • 66 Full Loops
    • 18 Percussion Loops
    • 5 Ride Loops
  • 120 Drum One Shots
    • 40 Snare One Shots
    • 30 Kick One Shots
    • 17 Percussion One Shots
    • 10 Closed Hat One Shots
    • 10 Open Hat One Shots
    • 7 Crash Cymbal One Shots
    • 6 Ride Cymbal One Shots
  • 69 FX
    • 14 Atmosphere One Shots
    • 12 Atmosphere Loops
    • 12 Risers
    • 12 Sweeps
    • 10 Impacts
    • 9 Fallers
  • 60 Bass Loops
  • 53 Synth Loops
    • 16 Stab Loops
    • 14 Pad Loops
    • 10 Chord Stab Loops
    • 8 Lead Loops
    • 5 Acid Arp Loops
  • 50 Bass One Shots
  • 43 Synth One Shots
    • 28 Stab One Shots
    • 10 Lead One Shots
    • 5 Chord Stab One Shots


Unleash over 1 GB of raw, unfiltered power! Get more than 500 samples designed to transport you to the heart of the techstep revolution and the gritty underworld of drum and bass, with Blackwarp’s “Oldschool Techstep”

Inside is driving drum loops that pack a punch, with tops, fulls, percussive and ride loops. Plus snares, kicks, hats, rides, crashes and percussion one shots that hit harder than ever. All designed to create spacious feelings in your mix that leave the perfect amount of room for the thumping bass loops and one shots.

Explore a vast array of FX with atmospheric risers, gritty atmospheres, haunting sweeps, dramatic fallers and mechanical impacts, all crafted with precision to inject intrigue and intensity into your productions. Hypnotic synths transport you back to the warehouse raves of yesteryear, with stabs, pads, chords, arps and leads all dripping with warmth and character.

Each sound has been expertly designed to transport you back to the golden age of techstep while injecting a modern twist to keep your tracks fresh and cutting-edge. So unleash the raw power of relentless basslines, razor-sharp drum loops, and mind-bending synth stabs that defined an era, with “Oldschool Techstep” by Blackwarp


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