SSL & Harrison Compressor Bundle

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SSL and Harrison bring together studio legends from Oxford and Nashville with the Comp Bundle – ft. the Harrison 32 Bus and Multiband Compressor plug-ins, as well as the SSL Fusion HF Compressor and LMC+ plug-ins.

This is a limited time only bundle offering, available for ONLY $49.99 ($559.96).

32 BUS

Experience the magic of the 32C workflow with the Studio 32 Bus plugin. This plugin emulates the bus processing of the Harrison Mixbus 32C DAW, allowing you to bring a piece of the famed 32C workflow to any DAW.

With this plugin, you can add tape saturation, compression, EQ, and limiting to your bus tracks, giving them warmth, punch, and clarity. The 32 Bus plugin is the next best thing to having a real 32C console in your studio.


Whether you’re working on music, film, broadcast, or video post-production, a multiband compressor is a powerful tool for achieving professional-quality results. Use it to control the dynamics of specific frequency ranges, which can be incredibly useful for improving the clarity, punch, and overall sound of your audio.

Typical Multiband compressors require careful management of dozens of finicky controls. Harrison’s Multiband Compressor takes a different approach: Each band’s attack, release, and other parameters are calculated by the plugin to get the best possible sound. Internal processing ensures that the combined signal is phase-accurate and has a flat pass-band. The result is a much more natural sound, allowing you to tame problematic frequency ranges without wrecking your instrument’s character. And it works with surprisingly few controls: locate the problem frequencies, choose how much correction to apply, and you’re done!


The Fusion HF Compressor plug-in emulates the high frequency smoothing circuit from the critically acclaimed SSL Fusion stereo analogue colouration processor, bringing the much sought after sound of analogue rounding to your DAW.

Tape like roll-off, smooth compression and maximum transparency, the HF Compressor plug-in gives you the ability to tame harsh, brittle high frequencies, creating a smooth and refined top-end on your stems, mixes and masters, quickly and easily.


The LMC+ Plug-in brings a new and significantly enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor as originally found in the centre section of the legendary SL 4000E console to your DAW, with a range of new creative tools for artists, producers and engineers.


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