The Kraken Vol 2 – Dubstep Serum Presets

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6 reviews

6 reviews

The Kraken Vol 2 - Dubstep Serum Presets (Main Demo)

The Kraken Vol 2 - Dubstep Serum Presets


Pack Contents

  • 386 Total Files
  • 300 Presets
    • 19 Arps
    • 18 Atmospheres
    • 96 Basses
    • 13 Chords
    • 15 Keys
    • 23 Leads
    • 24 Neuro
    • 20 Pads
    • 10 Plucks
    • 26 SFX
    • 7 Subs
    • 29 Synths
  • 86 Wavetables
  • 60 Phaseplant presets included



Only seen once before, now the rumors are circling again, there’s something big stirring beneath the surface of the Bass music scene. Drawing up dark, disturbing noises from the depths and unleashing ungodly Serum Presets into the world, hold onto your speakers… The Kraken has returned for Volume 2!

This legendary pack is filled to the brim with 300 presets and 86 wavetables for producing game-changing samples! Monstrous Basses, absorbing Arps, chilling Atmospheres, cinematic Chords, mood-setting Keys, dominating Leads, dirty Neuro designs, thrilling Pads, tight Plucks, shocking SFX, colossal Subs, and haunting Synths. The Kraken Vol 2 has brought it all up from the dark depths to invade your sound library, no matter your preferred Bass style.

These custom presets for Xfer Serum will give you full control over your sound, they’re ready for action straight from the pack or full of endless potential providing the foundations for your own unique sounds. They’re all handmade by mastering legend, skilled producer, and sound designer, The Lion’s Den, who’s also brought us the Retribution, The Reckoning, and the Ultimate Bass Music Bundle. However, none have come forward to challenge the goliath that is ‘The Kraken Vol 2’, so start experimenting with these presets today to build up your deep dubstep production and to stay inspired.

*For the bonus Phaseplant presets It’s recommended that you have Kilohearts Full Bundle to enjoy these presets as they use Faturator, Disperser, Snapheap, Multipass and all of Kilohearts amazing plugins

6 reviews for The Kraken Vol 2 – Dubstep Serum Presets

  1. Insane!

    These presets are soooooo cool!
    Instant dubstep!
    What a beast!

    lolpoplolpro (verified owner)

  2. Didn’t think they could top the first one but I was wrong. The Presets are insane

    AlexiOs (verified owner)

  3. Awesome. The perfect complement to the Leviathan packs.

    What more could you ask for? Nearly 100 bass presets and they are all wild. If you are willing to get creative with the already creative template provided here you can make some insane tunes.

    Chris Cosmato (verified owner)

  4. top and hot!

    very dope sounds love the phaseplant presets and wavetables!!!

    asfdeafboar (verified owner)

  5. very good!

    I love this presets, they are incredible!

    asfdeafboar (verified owner)

  6. Amazing Presets

    The price is a bit high for my taste but the presets are amazing

    philpasta23 (verified owner)

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