Vice 2 – Synthwave

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1 review

1 review

Vice 2 (main demo)

Vice 2 - Synthwave


Pack Contents

  • 15 Arp Loops
  • 35 Bass Loops
  • 103 Drum & Perc Loops
  • 84 Drum & Perc One Shots
  • 26 FX
  • 14 Chord Loops
  • 35 Lead Loops


Vice 2 – Synthwave is a followup pack that will take you back to the 80’s! If synthwave is the style that you are gunning for, then this 1 GB+ pack will surely satisfy your senses. On Vice 2 – Synthwave, we focused on an authentic experience of the classic synthwave characteristics. Created with analog instruments such as the Yamaha DX7, Roland Jupiter-8 and Virus TI, we used genuine 80’s creation and processing techniques. This pack is jam-packed with vintage analog sounds, loops and one-shots just as they would sound in 1980-1989.


We synthesised and layered these sounds from scratch, using vintage (Roland TR-707, LinnDrum) and modern gear (Virus TI, Xfer Serum) to bring you a fresh set of synthwave drums and percussion that will lift your productions to new heights. In this folder, you will find big reverbed snares, deep kicks, sparkling hi-hats, tonal percussive hits, various tom rolls, razor-sharp open hats and more. A lot of the drums in this pack are processed with outboard effects for a super-phat and warm 80’s vibe.


We dug deep in our synth collection and have dusted off some of the finest vintage synthesizers we had such as the Yamaha DX7 and the Roland Jupiter-8. This pack is full of classic and new synthesised samples. Get busy with an overflow of moving arpeggios, essential square leads, pitch-changing synths, classic chords, Moog-type basslines, voice-esque harmonies, rising and falling soundscapes, airy pads and even modified live recordings of various instruments.

If you want to travel back to the Miami Vice era, then Vice 2 – Synthwave is your ticket.

Grab this killer synthwave pack NOW!

1 review for Vice 2 – Synthwave

  1. More sample needed

    Sounds are good, but the volume of a pack was reduced than vol.1, wasn’t? Umm…I don’t know

    Hizumi Rei (verified owner)

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