VITALITY – Heavy Bass Hitters by Prismatic

Label: Gravitas Create Genre: Dubstep, Trap Share This: 

VITALITY - Heavy Bass Hitters by Prismatic (Main Demo)

VITALITY - Heavy Bass Hitters by Prismatic


Pack Contents

  • 45 Bass Presets
  • 25 Leads Presets
  • 5 FX Presets


Bold, brave, and, breathtaking; welcome to Prismatic’s new pack “Vitality – Bass Heavy Hitters”!

Prismatic takes you on a journey of sound through this eclectic collection of professional heavy hitting Serum bass presets, striking leads, and useful FX. Each Presets is meticulously crafted to help your productions meet the standards of today and tomorrow’s music, and all providing you full control and customization. Ranging from Neuro Bass, Riddim, to Hybrid Trap, and everything in between, you are guaranteed to find a plethora of uses with these powerful presets!

Grab Vitality today and get starting with your new Bass fueled hit!


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