300 Vocal Shouts

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1 review
1 review

300 Vocal Shouts - Demo

300 Vocal Shouts

Pack Contents

  • 300 Royalty free Vocal Shouts


Producer Ahee (creator of the amazing Beats from the Bass Ship Serum pack) has teamed up with Dome of Doom to create a wickedly clever and useful collection of vocal shouts. Adding the perfect vocal snippet or word to a phrase of music can make or break a track, and when these vocals are strategically placed it can change the energy of a track dramatically. 300 Vocal shouts is a music producers paradise of material to work with and these vocal samples are begging to be chopped up, stuttered, glitched out, and twisted to your hearts desire. Need a sample of somebody yelling “Yo!”? Well how about 9 variations of it. Much thought has been put into this pack about what phrases and words work well for drops, fills, and off beat rhythms. All words are labelled with the actual word they are saying so it will be easy to find what you are looking for.

Please note this pack contains VOCALS only.  The demo contains drum samples & serum presets from Beats from the Bass Ship

Produced by Ahee & Dome of Doom



Instagram: @iamahee

1 review for 300 Vocal Shouts

  1. Disappointing Shouts

    While the shouts do vary a lot in the words used, the delivery of them are not as higher energy as I’d hoped. The around-a-handful of laugh shouts are nice, though. However, I don’t think the current price of this pack is worth it for them.

    synchrothirtyfour (verified owner)

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