AZS Star Drive – Novation Peak

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The brand new Star Drive soundset by Aiyn Zahev features 64 presets for the Novation Peak. The Peak is a true hybrid synth, its wavetables allow for crystal clear and otherworldly wavetable sounds, while the analog filters and distortion are the real deal for dirt and aggression.
The sounds make use of this huge variation on the Peak. The pads for example, range from cold digital ice worlds to vintage ensemble pads, and JP8000 like supersaws.

Basses on tap, range from focused and punchy PWM to walls of unison. Leads are melodic techno and trance inspired and there are odd sounds too, making use of random per-step modulation.

Patches make use of Velocity, careful FX programming and Modwheel assignments.

64 Sounds
FX carefully applies
Velocity & Modwheel


Firmware Version 262 or higher required

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