The Phunk Phenomenon by Basement Freaks

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Basement Freaks Presents The Phunk Phenomenon (Main Demo)

The Phunk Phenomenon by Basement Freaks


Pack Contents

  • 636 Total Contents
  • 2.1 GB of Content
  • 246 Instrument Loops
  • 174 Percussion loops
  • 67 Drum One Shots
  • 46 Drum Loops
  • 22 Bass Synth Loops
  • 22 Synth Loops
  • 17 Drum Fills
  •  17 Synth Chord One-Shots
  • 12 Percussion One-Shots
  •  6 MIDI
  • 5 FX One-Shots
  • 2 Bass Synth One-Shots


Step into the realm where the beat never stops and the groove is king! “The Phunk Phenomenon” by Basement Freaks contains 2+GB of royalty-free samples from tempos 100-125BPM. Infused with the infectious energy of funky rhythms from the 70s and 80s electronic vibes that’ll have your listeners moving in no time!

Instruments: Unleash the power of 3 types of Instrument Loops, pulsating with the soulful essence of funk, plus a stack of one-shots. Feel the groove with samples from a Marcus Miller Active PJ Bass laying down a deep, irresistible, foundation of mid tempo sounds. Let the Electric Fender Guitars bring that funky edge to your tracks with their signature riffs and melodies, such as Auto Filter – Bobbly Phasers, Wah Pedals and some distorted and bit-crushed selections from several Funk eras. Immerse yourself in the smooth vibes of Electric Pianos, adding that touch of retro-futuristic flair to your music using various pedals such as the MXR Phase 100, Keeley Bobbletron, and the Jim Dunlop wah Pedal to get a real vintage feeling.

Percussion: Get your rhythm on with this massive eclectic array of Percussion loops and one-shots performing funky disco groove patterns. With Bongos and Tambourines to add that extra spark and beat to your productions. The hypnotic rhythms of Cabasas and Shakers to take your listeners on a journey through the dancefloor. From Agogos to Bongos to Cowbells, and everything in between, these percussion samples are dripping with groove.

Drums: Amp up the energy with Drum fills, loops and one-shots, both electronic and recorded live, some onto ADAT cassettes! Then processed with 90s era samplers (such as the AKAI S-2000 and a Tascam cassette deck) for authenticity. The full drum ensembles, snare clap mixes and the funky top loops will have your audience grooving all night long. Plus the Hats, Crashes, Chords, Claps, Kicks, Snares and Cymbal one shots will add dimension and depth to your rhythm section.

Featuring a fusion of funk, disco, electronic and traditional sounds, ‘Phunk Phenomenon’ by Basement Freaks delivers a treasure trove of meticulously crafted loops, samples, and one-shots, each bursting with infectious energy and soulful melodies. Don’t miss out on this electrifying collection of sounds, get your groove on today and join the Phunk Phenomenon!


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