Cali Soul – Lofi Chill & Soulful Beats

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Cali Soul – Lofi Chill & Soulful Beats is a meticulously crafted collection that combines mellow melodies with dusty imperfections of lofi hip hop. Jam-packed with the sweetest sounds and loops, this library offers a huge array of mellow chords, sonically balanced drum loops and hits, vibey sub basslines and textures with warm, tape-like timbre. If you’re into 24/7 chilled youtube streams, beats to study to and jazzy hip-hop vibes, this pack is made just for you!

Dusty low-res drums & percussions
If you’re looking for crispy and crackling drum hits, this pack features a plethora of dusty low-res beats. Enjoy a careful selection of authentic drum machine pitter and live recorded dusty samples layered with calming vinyl crackles. All beats come as full drum loops, stripped-down stems and one shots for maximum variety.

Mellow dusty chords & melodies
We really captured the nostalgic character of vintage instrumentation and sampling techniques in this pack. Beautifully wide palette of soulful guitar riffs, broken rhodes, tape-saturated atmospheres with a simple mellow character and effected live recordings of instruments with an almost haptic mood! This pack includes everything to bring you the best content for the late-night dreamy music.

Cali Soul – Lofi Chill & Soulful Beats is the perfect library for those producers who are looking for authentic vibes in their production.

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Pack Content:

  • 4 x Atmosphere Loops
  • 16 x Bass Loops
  • 7 x Bass One Shots
  • 26 x Drum & Percussion Loops
- 10 x Full Drum Loops
  • – 8 x Kick & Snare Loops
- 8 x Top Loops
  • 49 x Drum & Percussion One Shots
  • – 2 x Cymbals
- 12 x Hi Hats
  • – 15 x Kicks
  • – 10 x Percussion
  • – 10 x Snares
51 x Melodic Loops
  • 10 x Melodic One Shots
  • 4 x Vocal Loops

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